Trump to VP Pence: You can either go down in history as patriot or...

US President Donald Trump is under fire after he reportedly said to his Vice-President Mike Pence he can either go down in history as...

Man Drives Into Dam After Following Google Maps Directions

An Indian man has drowned after driving his car into a dam while allegedly following Google Maps Navigation directions. According to the report by Indian...

U.S: Pence rejects 25th Amendment call to impeach Trump

US Vice President Mike Pence told House leaders Tuesday he does not support invoking the 25th Amendment process to remove Donald Trump, all but...

Trump Back on Twitter, Vows to Punish Those Who Instigated Violence at Capitol Hill

The out-going U.S President Donald Trump, is back on Social Media, after being banned on Twitter and Facebook following the allegations of him instigating...

Trump caught on tape trying to rig US presidential election

•Outgoing US President Trump In an extraordinary phone call, U.S. President Donald Trump pleaded Saturday with election officials in the southern U.S. state of Georgia...

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Subversive elements radicalizing Diaspora to promote destabilization of Nigeria from abroad — CNM

Some Nigerians with questionable character in the Diaspora have indulged in malicious campaigns to radicalize their compatriots and promote destabilization back home.  This revelation was made...

ICC/Amnesty International: Enemies of Nigeria must be prepared to meet the masses – NDF

The National Democratic Front (NDF) has warned the International Criminal Court (ICC), Amnesty International (AI) and other "enemies of Nigeria" to prepare to meet the...

The Diaspora And It’s Negative Influence On Our Democracy, By Abubakar Gana

We yearned and prayed passionately for democratic leadership for decades. It was not easy for a nation as famous and naturally endowed like Nigeria...