Alvan Ikoku: More than Just a face on 10 naira

On one of those nights, while in camp for my NYSC orientation, a beauty pageant was going on upstage. My friend and I couldn’t get a seat to occupy since we got to the night...

Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé: The Yoruba art of child destiny reading

Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé, which loosely translates to 'feet in life', also known as Ẹ̀sẹ̀tayé and Ìkọsẹ̀daiyé, is a traditional Yoruba religious ceremony done three days after the birth of the child. This practice is a way of...

A Look at Laide Bakare’s Husband and Marriages

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare is currently in her second marriage with Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo after her first marriage to a US-based business tycoon, Olumide Okufulure, hit the rocks. Even though there are rumors that...

The Origin of the use of “Iyawo”- the Yoruba Word for Wife

The beauty of the Yoruba culture lies in their ability to give names to people, places, or objects, and the use of literary expressions for these characters, especially when it is about their stories in the...
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