Factors responsible for premature hair graying

Premature hair graying is one of the side effects of modern living and for many, it’s a scary experience; many enter panic mode when they notice the first white strand especially when they are...

Best Drugs for Typhoid and Malaria in Nigeria

Typhoid and malaria are prevalent diseases in Nigeria due to various socioeconomic, environmental, and health system challenges. Fortunately, these diseases can be effectively managed with suitable medications. Here, we explore fifteen of the best drugs...

UK-Based Nigerian Researcher Discovers Diabetes Cure Using Frogs

Nigerian-born medical researcher resident in the United Kingdom, Dr Opeolu Ojo, at the University of Wolverhampton, England has helped in the discovery of using frogs to treat Type 2 diabetes. Ojo explored the effects of...

People with low income rates are likely to die early – Research

Research from Harvard Medical School, the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, ICES (formerly the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences), and other international partners has revealed that mortality rates among low-income patients are...
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