Find Out Why Google Called Dangote the ‘Owner of Nigeria’ in 2023


As a result of the Google search algorithm’s suggestion of Aliko Dangote’s Wikipedia profile whenever the question “Who is the owner of Nigeria” is typed into the search bar, there are numerous claims making the rounds on social media that the billionaire businessman is the “Owner of Nigeria”.

Since a while ago, it seems that Google’s search algorithm has consistently promoted information that is either false or, in the absence of a pertinent article, displays a random Wikipedia profile.

The fact that Aliko Dangote’s Wikipedia profile appeared when some Nigerian social media users searched for “The owner of Nigeria” on Thursday led to the spread of false information and propaganda on Twitter.

Many people posted screenshots of the Google search result on Twitter and urged other people to do the same to verify it. This resulted in numerous users conducting the same search and disseminating the findings across numerous social media platforms, and as a result, numerous users came to believe that Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, owned Nigeria, a nation with over 220 million inhabitants.

Helen Paul, a well-known comedian from Nigeria, recently wrote on her blog about how a Google search revealed that Dangote is the country’s owner.

The media personality posted a screenshot of a Google search asking who owns the country on her official Instagram page.

The comedian gave her observations about “the owner” of Nigeria while appearing not to be amused. “Who is the owner of Nigeria on Google?” she asked. On social media, the owner doesn’t post frequently. The proprietor always smiles softly at us. Owner doesn’t complain on social media. The owner doesn’t share photos of her loved ones on social media. Oh my God, what an owner.

The assertion that Aliko Dangote is the owner of Nigeria, however, lacks any support from the law or the constitution.

Aliko Dangote was identified as the owner of Nigeria when Reportera used Google to conduct the same search.

The same search was carried out for other nations as well, and the outcomes revealed that each billionaire was listed as the nation’s owner. Even in China, where Jack Ma was depicted as the country’s owner, this was the case.

This false information has a plausible cause. Error in the Google algorithm is the issue.

The AI bot ChatGPT’s ability to provide accurate and trustworthy information is one of its main advantages. In this instance, it would let you know that Aliko Dangote is not Nigeria’s owner. On the other hand, Google search algorithms may recommend a solution even if it is founded on false or misleading data.

This is not the first time that false information has been disseminated by Google’s search algorithm. Similar mistakes have been made in the past, such as the assertion that Agbani Darego was the ugliest Nigerian woman.

Because Google is merely a search engine that displays content that has already been written online, these incidents happened. When it cannot locate an appropriate article for a particular query, it frequently lists random Wikipedia names.

The claim that Aliko Dangote is the country’s owner, which is being circulated on social media, is untrue, it is important to note. A President serves as the Head of State and government of Nigeria, a sovereign state governed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Through a democratic process, the people choose the president. Despite being a prosperous businessman, Dangote does not control the nation. The Google search algorithm result that suggests his Wikipedia profile as “the owner of Nigeria” is false because the platform only shows you information that has been published online and displays random Wikipedia names when it can’t find any information that is pertinent.