See platform where Nigerian farmers can get instant loan without collateral


Agriculture in the country has been given a boost with the recent launch of a platform that allows commercial farmers to trade their produce and get credit facility online.

The platform, run by Farm4me, an agribusiness outfit, went live and has been generating excitement in the Nigeria agricultural community.

The website gives farmers opportunities to purchase commodities and store online pending when prices are high and they could trade and make profits.

According to Adama J. Adama, the CEO of Farm4me, the platform is conceived to enhance Nigerian farmers’ capabilities to make money from trading their produce online.

Explaining how stakeholders will benefit from the platform, he stated: “They can invest in commodity export orders from international buyers and earn 50% profit over three months.

They can also request for a loan and receive it instantly in their bank account. Just as well, they can buy commodities and also store the same online and sell to make a profit when the price is high.”

According to him, stakeholders who sign up on the website also enjoy an added advantage of listing their contract farming companies thereby enabling food processors and commodity exporters to contact them directly.

Adama added: “Farmers on our platform can sell their commodities any time and receive credit alert instantly. They are guaranteed of selling at good prices in the market place to premium buyers.”

Viable X Agribusiness Limited, incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), is also licensed by the National Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

Adama who declared the platform’s ultimate objective to raise one million commodity-trading millionaires in Nigeria, further assured stakeholders: “Your investment is secured. It is backed by physical commodities with good liquidity. No matter what happens, your investment capital is refundable.”

By Adama J Adama