These skills would help you earn income on the side while studying abroad


Life as an international student comes with several challenges, new weather conditions, academic workload and of course, financial challenges. It is always better to have a new stream of income or a skill that you could earn money from when considering moving abroad for studies.

Some of these skills are better to learn in Nigeria because it is a lot cheaper to do so, and of course, time to practice the skill and possibly get certified in them.

Acquiring these skills helps you prepare for the financial uncertainties in a new country and equips you with the know-how to immediately begin to earn a living almost as soon as you arrive in your country of study.


The job of a hairstylist is one of the best jobs you can do as an immigrant student because the demand is high from not only Nigerians abroad but also other Africans. And you can earn as much as $500 dollars per hair depending on the demands of the customer. This skill is also easily learnt in Nigeria at a very cheap rate.


Barbing is also a very lucrative skill to have as an immigrant. It costs way more than it does in Nigeria. Cutting your hair in a salon in the United States could cost you between $24-$45 depending on the type of salon. And barbing doesn’t take time so you could do as many as six or seven customers daily and make good money as a barber.



It is very important that as an immigrant you leave Nigeria with your driving license and skill. Your Nigerian driver’s license would be converted after testing, depending on the country you’re going to and it can help you work as a cab driver and earn easy money. You can even do food delivery for the many food delivery companies. So learn how to drive and get your driver’s license.


This is perfect, especially for people migrating to parts of Europe where their major language is not English. A lot of parents hire non-English speaking immigrants to babysit their kids and teach them English. The job pays by the hour and is flexible and could also help you learn an additional language


This is another job that is perfect for those migrating to other countries that do not majorly speak English. You could teach English to kids or adults depending on what is available for you and you get paid well. The time is also flexible and enables you to focus on your studies.

Virtual/Research Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one very straightforward way to earn money as an immigrant student. If you have any experience in a corporate setting in Nigeria, you should be able to do this easily. It consists of sending emails, responding to emails, copyrighting, social media management and a host of other duties, depending on the client and their demand.

Research assistant on the other hand is for students, especially master’s students who can help professors with research and earn stipends from their efforts.

Remote tech worker

If you’re looking to migrate and you don’t want to learn a hand skill by all means learn a tech skill. Learn UX/UI design, product management or anything you are interested in. These jobs are life savers as you can do them from anywhere in the world. Your hours are fixed. You can also turn it off and turn it on at any time you like, depending on your school schedule.

App tester/transcriptionist

Because of the times we are in, apps are being created every day, and these apps need to be tested by people before they are made available to the public. The work of an app tester is to test the app and give feedback, and this can be done in the comfort of your home behind your laptop or phone screen.

The job of a transcriptionist on the other hand is to transcribe words from audio or videos. So basically all you’re required to do is to watch a video or listen to an audio and write what you’ve heard. You may also be asked to translate based on your language skill. The great thing about this is that the bulk of the videos are in English language and it would be very straightforward to do. This is a form of remote work and you can also control your hours.

Healthcare assistant

This is one of the most popular ways to make money as an immigrant student. It pays by the hour and is constantly in demand. If there’s one thing western countries are good for, it’s for taking care of the elderly. These jobs are also a great way to meet people, form bonds and grow in a new country. The UK is currently offering visas to people who are interested in being a health care assistant, that’s how demanding it is. So apply!

A chef, dog walker, hotel porter, fitness instructor, and bar tender, are some of the jobs you can take on as you study to get your degree. So, if you’re looking to migrate soon, it will be advisable to equip yourself with any of these skills to help you earn income while studying at the same time in a foreign country.