15 most affordable cities to live in the UK


Here are 15 of the most affordable cities to live in the UK, taking into consideration factors such as cost of living, housing prices, and overall expenses:

  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland
  2. Glasgow, Scotland
  3. Hull, England
  4. Liverpool, England
  5. Sheffield, England
  6. Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  7. Cardiff, Wales
  8. Plymouth, England
  9. Leeds, England
  10. Nottingham, England
  11. Derby, England
  12. Bradford, England
  13. Sunderland, England
  14. Swansea, Wales
  15. Dundee, Scotland

Please note that affordability can vary based on individual circumstances and preferences, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly research each city and consider factors like job opportunities, amenities, and quality of life before making a decision.