Nigerian Businesses Get a Boost with Launch of Gostack Web builder


A new website that provides affordable and easy-to-use ecommerce webstores for Nigerian businesses has launched. Gostack aims to help businesses of all sizes get online and reach more customers, regardless of their budget.

The cost of renting a shop in Nigeria has skyrocketed in recent years, making it difficult for businesses to stay afloat. Gostack provides a low-cost and easy way for businesses to build an online store, so they can reach more customers and grow their revenue.

Gostack offers a variety of features to help businesses succeed online, including a user-friendly interface, a wide range of payment options, integration with popular social media platforms, and a powerful marketing engine.

“We believe that every business deserves a chance to succeed online,” said Bankole Festus, founder of Gostack. “With Gostack, businesses of all sizes can build a professional and affordable online store, so they can reach more customers and grow their revenue.”

Gostack is currently offers 30 days free trial. After that, businesses can choose from a variety of subscription plans, starting at N2,000 per month.

The launch of Gostack is a welcome development for Nigerian businesses. The platform provides a much-needed solution to the challenges faced by businesses in Nigeria, and it has the potential to help businesses of all sizes succeed online.

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