President Tinubu’s Ministerial List: ‘Just Wait, Some Will Be Shocked’ – Sources


Sources privy to the ongoing constitution of President Bola Tinubu‘s cabinet have revealed that some bigwig politicians lobbying for ministerial appointments should be prepared for some shocks when the list is eventually released.

According to them, most politicians who are under investigation and are close to the president will be shocked to be excluded from the ministerial list.

One of the sources told The Punch that two governors facing corruption allegations would be shocked.

The source said despite their perceived contribution to the electoral victory of the President, they would be surprised.

“Just wait. Some will be shocked, others will want to constitute themselves into opposition because neither them nor their nominees will be on the list,” the source added.

SPY NIGERIA understands that the President might rely on security reports on individuals whose names were already sent to security agencies for screening before submitting the ministerial list to the Senate before Thursday, July 27.

It was gathered that the President had forwarded the names of some individuals to security agencies for clearance; however, top sources said their consent might not indicate that they would make the list when the nominees are eventually presented to the Senate for screening.

The non-submission of the ministerial nominees might delay the long recess scheduled for lawmakers in the Red Chamber.

Another source told The Punch that “While the President is keeping his cards to his chest, there are former governors, especially those that finished their tenure on May 29, who are showing interest in becoming ministers.

“Also, as expected, there are political bigwigs, traditional rulers, captains of industries, and those in the Diaspora. But instead of waiting to compile the list, the President was sending them to the security agencies piecemeal for clearance.

“That was why the Presidency was correct when it said there was no ministerial list anywhere.”

The source continued saying, “Corrupt politicians, indicted individuals, and others who are showing eagerness to be part of this government will be shocked when they see the security reports on them.

“So, the President, instead of outright rejection, will use the reports to check them. And if they are adamant on serving, I think there are senators from such individuals’ states that will raise objections to their clearance on the floor of the Senate.”