Lizzy Gold reacts to allegation of sleeping with men for money


Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold recently fumed over an allegation of sleeping with men for money.

The single mother of two had a faceoff with the Instagram troll after she took to her page with over 1 million followers to advise ladies against selling their bodies.

Speaking, the actress noted that sleeping with men for money is old fashioned.

She added that there are a lot of ways to make money legitimately, especially via social media platforms.

Sharing the post, she wrote:

“Hey ladies ….sleeping with men for Money is now old fashioned ….don’t do it ..there are lots of ways to make money legitimately…you can even make money from social media platforms….❤️”

Check out the post below:

Reacting, an Instagram user identified by his handle as @don_miko92 came hard on the actress, insinuating that she does what she preaches against.

He wrote:

“You are doing it and advising people not to do it. So ironic.” 

In response to the comment, an enraged Lizzy Gold threatened to block the lad.

“Are you ok? Or you want to get blocked,” the actress raged.

See the exchange below: