Brilliant Muminat Musa scores 4.60 grade point, breaks 37-year record in her department


Muminat Musa Agaka, a 22-year-old student of Ahmadu Bello University was the talk-of-town after rounding up a solid grade point of 4.60 out of 5 to not only graduate as best student but also break a 37-year-old jinx in her department.

Historically, the Sociology Department of the University was over 50 years old but in about 37 years, it was lacking a first class student in terms of grade point average. However, the hardworking and brilliant young lady stepped up to save the day.

Muminat who lost her dad at the age of 7 told reporters that, one of the motivations for this success was the smile on her mum’s face upon seeing her excellent academic results at an earlier level. Actually, a First Class was never a dream before stepping into the university. The whole ‘dream’ popped up when I had a 5.0GPA in 300L and saw that bright light on my mother’s face; I felt so happy and wished to see more of that“

“I won’t say I set a target, but all these came with a whole lot of sacrifices and consistency. At some point, I felt like I was chewing more than I could swallow. I was making henna during holidays then resume to burry my head in studies. At times I had migraine for three days, nonstop. I only did things I thought I should be doing, and God crowned my efforts”

At SPY NIGERIA, we identify and celebrate the small and exceptional wins of young achievers. We have dedicated this platform to motivate young people and help them chose the right and socially accepted paths to success. The exploits of this young lady is a good motivation for more of her kind.