Meet the 8-year-old neuroscientist who teaches online from a lab in her bedroom


At just three years old, Amoy Antunet of Atlanta, Georgia, discovered her passion for science when she stumbled upon her father’s microscope. Her father, Davin Shepherd, a college student at the time, became her “study buddy,” sharing his knowledge from his biology classes with his young daughter.

From there, the budding scientist began conducting experiments in a lab she created in her bedroom. Equipped with test tubes, replica organs, microscopes, and chemicals, she delved into the world of science at an early age.

By the time she was five, Amoy was already appearing on the internet alongside her father, conducting experiments and giving lessons from her lab. Donning a white lab coat, she tackled complex topics such as cell division, the heart, pH testing, and her favorite subject—the brain.

Amoy’s explainer videos on her Facebook page, Science For Children with Amoy Antunet, have garnered over a million views. Her desire to “help people understand different types of science” fuels her passion for creating educational content.

Initially aspiring to become a pharmacist, Amoy’s ambitions have expanded as she now aims to become a neurosurgeon specializing in neurological disorders. Inspired by her aunt who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, she hopes to make a difference in the lives of those with similar conditions.