“I was earning N2.7m weekly”- Man sells his house for N69m, relocates to America


Eric Owusu, a Ghanaian living in the United States, revealed that he sold one of his two homes in South Africa and moved there in search of a better life.

He admitted to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa’s Daily Hustle Worldwide that despite his success in South Africa, he had to leave his wife and child behind for a better life in the US.

He asserted that he did not leave South Africa because of monetary limitations. Instead, he made the decision to move because he had money.

According to Owusu, security concerns overshadowed financial factors in driving the decision to travel.

“For foreigners, South Africa is a frightening country. It takes a lot of effort to get there. That country is fine for its citizens but not for visitors. Someone could simply kill you at random. I didn’t relocate to the US to hustle because I had $100,000 in my bank account,” Owusu recounted.

The US-based Ghanaian man stated that while he was successful in South Africa, he could not stay. “In Pietermaritzburg, I owned and managed four salons that employed 30 employees. I earned about $4000 per week from the salons.

It’s a successful business in South Africa and my wife was also a banker. I discussed going on the trip with my wife, but she refused to leave. As a result, we sold one of our homes and I gave her two salons,” he told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.