How I got the name Eda Onile Ola —Lere Paimo


Excerpt is an interview conducted by Tribune Newspaper: 

When people hear the name ‘Lere Paimo”, they would pause a little to place a face to it; but when you say ‘Eda Onile Ola’, there’s no pausing and thinking. How did this alias come about?

When I was still with my boss, the late Chief Duro Ladipo, in Osogbo, the duo of Ulli Beier and Susan Wengar, the Adunni Olorisa, brought a job to us. The script was entitled: “Every Man” and was written by someone in Wenger’s country. The script was written in English and our job was to translate it to Yoruba Language. By our translation, we referred to “Every Man” as “Eda”. The role of “Every Man” or “Eda” was played by me. He was a wealthy man and also hardworking and industrious. That role from the scrip gave me the sobriquet and since then, many people came to know me as “Eda”. It has become so popular that some people don’t even know my real names and many people know me only as “Eda Onile Ola”.

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