Shehu Sani biography, net worth, houses, cars, and political career

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Often referred to as a shining star from “the land of crocodiles”, Shehu Sani is the one person that is sure to make the list of the top 10 most vocal politicians in Nigeria on any given day. Yeah, it’s just not possible that his name gets missing from that list considering how he has been flooding his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handle with controversial political content over the last few years. In fact, it is really hard to tell who is more vocal between him, Reno Omokri and Femi Fani Kayode. Maybe we will commission a poll to find out soon. But in this article, let’s dive into some interesting facts about Shehu Sani biography, net worth, houses, cars, and political career.


Senator Shehu Sani, the bright star from “the land of crocodiles,”

Photo Credit: @shehu.Sani Instagram

Shehu Sani Biography

Shehu Sani is of northern Nigeria extract; he hails from Kaduna which is a state in the north-central region of the country. Shehu Sani was born in Tudun Wada ward of Kaduna South Local Government Area, Kaduna State. Records show that he was born on Sunday 29th of October 1967, and that puts Shehu Sani age at 54 years as of the year 2021. His father was the popular Alhaji Mohammad Sani Hassan, a printing press production manager that was trained in Germany and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, his mother was Fatima Abubakar Sani – a descendant of the royal family of the Kanem-Bornu Empire. Fatima Abubakar Sani died in May 2016 at a good old age of 75.


Former Senator, Shehu Sani’s father far left in 1977

Photo Credit: Shehu Sani Facebook

How about Shehu Sani educational background?. Well, we can confirm that Shehu Sani completed all levels of education, from basic to tertiary education in Kaduna State except his secondary education. Yes, you heard that right, all the schools he attended were all located in Kaduna State, his primary and then tertiary education all in Kaduna State. Starting with primary school, Shehu Sani attended all of his primary education classes in Badarawa, Kaduna South LGA from 1975-1980. His secondary education was all completed in Niger State starting with Government Day Secondary school in Kagara, Niger State and then Government Science College School in the same Kagara, Niger State. On the tertiary education side of things, Shehu Sani completed his tertiary education in just one institution. He first completed his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Agricultural Engineering and then moved ahead to obtain a Higher National Diploma (HND) still in Agricultural Engineering all from Kaduna Polytechnic in 1984 and 1993 respectively.

Shehu Sani family

Shehu Sani is a northern Muslim and with that in mind, he is allowed to marry more than one wife and that is what he has done. Yes, Shehu Sani is married to more than one wife, at least he made that public when declaring his assets in 2015. His first wife is named Rabi while his second wife is the youngest of the two. His home is blessed with at least 4 boys and about 3 girls. Check out some interesting family moments in the following Shehu Sani photos.


Shehu Sani wife Rabi, looking simple and beautiful


Senator Shehu Sani with his boys and wife


Shehu Sani posing with his beautiful daughters

Photo Credit: @shehu.Sani Instagram

Shehu Sani Political Career

Shehu Sani’s political career began during his time at Kaduna Polytechnic where he served in the student union government of that institution as the Director of Socials. He was also a member of the Pan-African Student Organization of which he was a one-time chairman. He was also a member of the African Democratic Youth Congress before later becoming the President of the organisation. Even before leaving Kaduna Polytechnic (KADPOLY) in 1993, he was already getting involved in the national political scene with the guidance of activists like the Late Beko Ransome Kuti and Human rights lawyer Femi Falana who were front liners of the Campaign for Democracy (CD) movement. Before long, a young and agile Shehu Sani would move up to become the northern coordinator of the Campaign for Democracy (CD) Group. Sani would also become the national vice chairman of the same pressure group in no time.

Interestingly, the primary ideals of the Campaign for Democracy group were to bring about a democratic Nigeria, as against the military regime obtainable at that time. A hot national topic at that time was the unilateral annulment of the June 12 election which was won by Late Chief M. K. O. Abiola. This was the fearful period when the Campaign for Democracy group was putting pressure on the military regime to reverse its decision.  And with Shehu Sani being a more prominent figure in the group’s activities, there was no question as to if he was a target for arrest by the military regime of that time. And by July of 1993, Shehu Sani was taken into custody by the military under the command of the Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.


Is Senator Shehu Sani Fulani?

Photo Credit: @shehu.Sani Instagram

Shehu Sani’s offence that was read out to him in court was sedition, a similar offence he was charged for under the Earnest Shonekan led Interim Government in the same year. By 1995, Shehu Sani would be put behind bars once again for the same offence but this time with extended incarceration of “Life Imprisonment” by the brutal General Sani Abacha military regime. Fortunately, the sentence was later reduced to 15 years by the Patrick Aziza Special Military Tribunal and he was finally released by the General Abdulsalami Abubakar Government in 1999.

Below is a breakdown of Shehu Sani’s recent political activities.

 Position Contested Political Party  Year  Verdict
Kaduna Central Senatorial Seat Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) 2019  Lost
 Kaduna Central Senatorial Seat All Progressive Congress (APC)  2015  Won
 Kaduna Central Senatorial Seat Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) 2011  Lost
 Kaduna Central Senatorial Seat Alliance for Democracy (AD)  2003  Lost


Shehu Sani represented Kaduna Central Senatorial district at the senate from 2015-2019

Shehu Sani Net worth

What is Shehu Sani net worth? In 2015, a few months after being elected to the Senate on the platform of the All Progressive Congress APC, Senator Shehu Sani made public his assets. In doing so, the then-senator disclosed that he owned about 9 properties located in Kaduna, Niger and Katsina States. Two of which were passed to him as family inheritance, one located in Minna and the other could be traced to Kurfi in Katsina State. The other properties are located in Kaduna and the FCT, with 2 of these being residential buildings, 2 were uncompleted apartments, 2 for-lease houses all in Kaduna while only one is located in Abuja. Senator Shehu Sani also disclosed that he had about ₦22 million stashed away in 3 different banks across the country.

So how much has Sani’s wealth increased between 2015 and now? To get an idea, let’s consider how much Shehu Sani earned as a senator from 2015-2019. According to him, Nigerian senators reportedly earn as much as ₦14.25 million in salaries and running costs. Senator Sani also alleged that his colleagues in the red chamber find dubious and corrupt ways of embezzling the ₦200 million constituency fund allocated to each senator. Now, with all this in mind, we can estimate that Sani accumulated about ₦57 million salaries and running costs within the 4 years he spent as a senator. Overall, we estimate that Shehu Sani net worth as of 2021 should be over ₦50 million. Interestingly too, Shehu Sani is a writer and you can be sure to find several Shehu Sani books in some libraries across the country. Yes, the human rights activist has published over 10 books so far.

Shehu Sani houses and cars

As mentioned earlier, Shehu Sani owns about 9 different houses according to his declared assets in 2015. We strongly believe that he must have added to those properties in recent times. And on the other hand, Shehu Sani cars might not be an interesting topic like that of Senator Dino Melaye but it still deserves to be discussed. He owns a Toyota Landcruiser Prado SUV and another from the Volvo nameplate. See photos of Shehu Sani and some of his cars.


Shehu Sani owns a Toyota Landcruiser Prado SUV


While Shehu Sani might not have a huge garage, he sure likes posing with cars every once in a while

Shehu Sani Charity activities

Shehu Sani has been known as a defender of the people, the helpless and the oppressed. Yes, Sani has devoted himself to this course of life. For instance, during the 2000 Kaduna riots, a publication said this about him;

Shehu Sani “pioneered the distribution of relief materials and initiated the visit to the war zone at the time when it was the most suicidal thing to contemplate”. 

Currently, Shehu Sani is the president of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, an organization that is dedicated to the achievement of a comprehensive democratic culture in Nigeria. It is also reported that Shehu Sani Youth Foundation is up and running.

Only recently, he visited the St. Rita Catholic church in Kaduna which was targeted and bombed by Islamic suicide bombers in 2012. See a video of his visit below;

Still, in the spirit of Charity and Activism, Shehu Sani made a mark some months ago when he personally visited the parents of some Kidnapped Students of Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna. Watch this press video below that captured the heart-melting moment of his visit.

Tears As Shehu Sani Visits Parents of Kidnapped Students of Bethel Baptist High School Kaduna

Latest Shehu Sani news

When it comes to the latest news on Shehu Sani, only just this month Shehu Sani resigned his membership of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), a party he joined after leaving the All Progressives Congress in 2018. On Thursday 16th of September 20211, Shehu Sani officially announced that he was joining the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, the main opposition party in the country. This move of joining the PDP will add further fuel to the rumour that he has serious plans of contesting for the position of the Governor of Kaduna State come 2023. But in any case, time will tell.


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