Deacon Beaten to Death by His Two Sons in Sapele After Being Caught With Side Chic


A Deacon of Winners Chapel and founder/Chairman of Covenant Suites, a Hotel Chain in Sapele Emekeme Joseph is dead.

Late Emekeme Joseph

According reports, now viral online, the man fell gravely ill after his sons assaulted him. The sons who graduated from Covenant University it is alleged caught their father with a side chick and demanded a million naira bribe or they’ll inform their mom who was at the time holidaying in the United States. It is said that the father called off their bluff and true to their threat they reported the sleazy affair to their mother who was incensed. The next day the father dropped by at the Coca Cola depot of the wife and when the sons saw him they hounded him out of the place.

Joseph and His Sons

According to insiders he angrily went home and seized the keys of the cars of the sons which drew their ire and they descended on him with blows and kicks. He called the police and the boys broke the head of one of the police men.

The killer sons

The boys were arrested and the father was rushed to the hospital. The condition of the father was deteriorating quickly and he was referred to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital where he was fighting for his life.

The Wife

The wife quickly flew back to the country and facilitated the release of the sons from the police custody and strangely discharged the husband against doctor’s advise from UBTH where he was in a coma and brought him home where he died.