Letter to the President (s) – Citizen Bola Bankole


24th May 2023.

His Excellency
President Muhammadu Buhari
The State House Abuja

Dear Mr. President, Muhammad Buhari

A very good day to you, your Excellency. I write to congratulate you for spending eight years in office as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Your tenure is about to expire on 29 May 2023 and, as a Nigerian, I am pleased to reflect upon your administration.

It must be noted that your tenure was fraught with stories of insecurity and violence across the nation. Several areas experienced unrest and, sadly, loss of lives due to attacks by insurgent forces. Additionally, the economy was in a state of stagnation all through your time in office, with no major turn-around.

In light of this, I pray that the nation never faces a worse President than you. I would also like to extend my warmest congratulations to the newly elected President, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and wish him well for his tenure.

As he takes office, I urge him to ensure a stable economy that creates jobs and encourages entrepreneurial spirit in the nation. Security should also be a priority, as our nation’s citizens should be safe at all times. I also strongly suggest that the closed Nigerian-Benin Border be re-opened, as it will encourage trade amongst the two nations.

I would also like to thank all Nigerians, especially all the youths, for actively participating in the electioneering process and casting their votes. I urge you all to support the new administration, but also not shy away from criticising it whenever necessary.

Once again, best wishes to you, Mr. President.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Citizen Bola Bankole