Amiracle Morgan, a 17 Year old girl has been arrested by Police for allegedly r@ping two boys, aged 10 and 14.

Miss Morgan from Mississippi was subsequently taken into custody after confessing to ‘engaging in s3xu@l activity’ with two boys.


According to Daily mail, The teenager faces charges of s3xu@l b@ttery and r@pe.


Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry who spoke to Daily mail UK narrated how the teenage r@pist, Amiracle, allegedly performed s3x acts in front of a group of children on Mother’s Day.

Amiracle’s Mother

The children who witnessed the disturbing incident then reported it to the police.


Amiracle’s mother, Raven Morgan, has also been charged by police, after she allegedly brought a group of kids to beat up other children who spoke to police about the incident.