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Dying To Get Dimples? Here Are 3 Simple Ways To Have One Without Any Surgery


There are lot of people who yearn to have one and believe it or not, some people do some crazy things so they can have one.

But hold on, do you know a dimple is actually a deformity? Yes, you heard right- dimples are nothing but indentations or deformities in the facial muscles.

But I guess it’s the only deformity in the world which is so attractive and accentuates one’s looks.

Anyway, if you have been yearning to have one and you think it’s beyond your reach, take this short journey with me and let me show you how.

The best part is, there’s no surgery involved.

1. Facial exercise.

A folk remedy, this method doesn’t guarantee dimples but a consistent exercise may help you achieve your desired look.

2. Suck your cheeks in


Pucker your lips slightly and suck your cheeks in. Imagine you’ve just eaten something extremely sour, a lemon perhaps, and that face/expression is what you need to replicate. A little pout with cheeks sucked in is exactly what we are talking about.

3. Press and hold the indents on both the cheeks.


Now locate the deepest part of the indentations on the cheeks; press and hold those spots on both the cheeks using index finger/thumb or the rounded end of a pencil, whatever is more comfortable for you.