Determining the wealthiest Nigerian cities is a complex and subjective task, as there are many different factors that can be considered. However, some of the cities that are often considered to be the wealthiest in Nigeria include:

  1. Lagos: Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city and is home to a thriving economy, with a diverse range of industries such as finance, real estate, media, and entertainment. It is also a major port city and the commercial center of Nigeria, making it a hub for international trade.
  2. Abuja: As Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja is home to many government agencies and international organizations, making it a hub for politics and diplomacy. It also has a growing economy and a thriving real estate industry.
  3. Port Harcourt: Port Harcourt is an oil-rich city in southern Nigeria and is home to many oil and gas companies, making it a major economic center. It also has a thriving manufacturing industry and is home to many multinational corporations.
  4. Kano: Kano is a major commercial and industrial center in northern Nigeria, with a diverse range of industries such as textile manufacturing, agriculture, and trade.
  5. Ibadan: Ibadan is the largest city in Nigeria’s southwestern region and is home to a growing economy, with a diverse range of industries such as agriculture, education, and healthcare.

Overall, these cities are considered wealthy because they have thriving economies, diverse industries, and a high concentration of multinational corporations, which attract investment and contribute to their overall economic growth. They are also centers of political and diplomatic activity, which further enhances their economic and social importance.