A Nigerian woman identified as Joy Oyaghiri-Fagbemi melted hearts for fixing a bad transformer in her community.

Joy who hails from Omokwa Community in Abua/Odual LGA, Rivers State also went on to pay their electricity bill for a month.

According to Niger Delta Insider, Joy said that her people reached out to her over the bad transformer and complained that they have been cut off the grid for about a year.

She visited the place the transformer was kept and confirmed their complaints and consequently used her resources to fix it.

“I paid for the transformer to be fixed, which wasn’t cheap. I paid for reconnection back to the LGA grid, and paid for one month worth of electricity bills. All this from my pocket.

“The joy I saw in the faces of men, women and youths of my community, the text messages of gratitude, was truly humbling,” The Gazelle News quoted Joy as saying.

Reactions on social media

Etieneabasi Edet said:

“May the good Lord continue to bless you and make his light to shine upon you and your family in Jesus name.”

Ahm Benjamin said:

“God bless you madam and i pray God to raise your type of women all around River state.”

Ebere Ajie said:

“God bless you and keep you for your community and others.”

Akeodi Lux said:

“That’s my community it gladdens my heart to see this….. May God continue to bless you real good.”

Isaiah R Olowu said:

“You’re bless already, may Almighty God increase your success to do more, remain bless.”

Mbuotidem Anwatim said:

“Thank you Ma’am, God blessed n provide More for you n ur households.”

Lily Whyte said:

“God bless you for the joy you gave to your people may your pocket never run dry.Amen.”