Without ever leaving Nigeria, extraordinary 20-year-old Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo made history by becoming fluent in 11 foreign languages.

Chisimidi is a linguist prodigy who speaks fluent Korean, Swahili, Shona, Indonesian, Filipino, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, English, and Igbo.

She learned to speak all the languages without ever leaving Nigerian land.

According to reports, the 20-year-old prodigy is presently becoming fluent in the Yoruba language, which is extensively used in South-West Nigeria and certain other parts of Africa.

Language prodigy Favor Chisimidi is also working towards her goal of becoming a doctor of medicine.

She has enrolled in the University of Nigeria to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

Favour Chisimidi described how her battle to become proficient in a language was accompanied by many tears, concerns, and doubts.

She was in awe of the positive impact she had on the linguistics industry.

She stated on LinkedIn that she “wrote my first research article on Linguistics in Business (how Linguistics helps in making businesses thrive) and submitted it to Harvard Business Review.”

She was nominated internationally for her work in linguistics as well. “On September 28, 2022, I received a global nomination in the category of business.

She stated, “It seemed so bizarre, but it was also obvious because it bore my complete name, Favour Chisimdi Emerald Nwobodo.”