An ex-lesbian, identified as Bernie, has recounted some of her bizarre sexual escapades.

In an interview with Arnold Alavanyo on the ‘Vibes in 5’ show, Bernie recalled an instance where her young school son willingly offered himself to her, as a ‘sex tool’.

Narrating what led to her encounter, she said it all started with a post on her WhatsApp status.

“I had it with my own son. Sometimes I post on my WhatsApp status that I feel like I miss my girls. I feel like going back to any of them to have sex with them and then he said, Oh mummy, you don’t deserve this. Use me as your vibrator.

“He said he has the real vibrator, and then I asked what his real vibrator was and he said his penis. That was when I noticed that my son isn’t that old but he has a big prick. She is not my biological son though, she is my school son.”

Asked how many times she had since slept with the young man whose age wasn’t disclosed, Bernie said:

“It was just once, but he has been calling me and telling me that he has missed me. He said anytime I want it he is available to make me happy. I did enjoy it, he was able to satisfy me but he is my son so I can’t continue.”

Bernie, who claims to have dropped the cloak of lesbianism and masturbation, however, established that since there is no man currently in her life, she intends to continue with their secret affair.

“Now that there is no man in my life, my son is there to make me happy.”

Meanwhile, her statements have since triggered massive comments on social media with netizens calling for her arrest.

Condemning the practice which they have termed as ‘molestation’, some critics have drawn the attention of the police.

Watch the video below: