The founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has called the attentions of parents and guardians to the recent changes introduced into  cartoons released about the good deeds behind witchcraft.

According to the posts he made few hours ago, the creators of many children cartoons have cleverly introduced ‘witchcraft and wizards’ into what children sit to watch and regard as entertainment.

He noted that their recent productions now teach children voodooism, witchcraft, spiritism, levitation, necromancy and sorcery which shouldn’t be what children whose minds are mild should consume.

He added that Parents and guardians should also look into children believing that the savior of mankind are the characters that they have been exposed to through cartons which include Batman, Superman and others.

He advised that parents should thoroughly scrutinize what they allow their children watch because if their minds are caught in the web weaved by the brains behind cartoons, it may be difficult to hijack them.

In his words;

Do you know that 95% of the children TV programs and movies today are not actually made to positively educate the kids.

Are you aware that the arch Enemy of our children’s souls have actually crafted out a lot of children TV programs and movies to indoctrinate, enslave and lure them into demonic activities which will eventually bind their mind and lure their souls into hell?

Today, it will take a lot of spiritual discernment and investigations to know which children cartoons or kiddies’ movies are thoroughly clean for your children to watch. A lot of children cartoons and movies today teach our children voodooism, witchcraft, spiritism, levitation, necromancy and sorcery, etc.

You watch children cartoon with subtle lessons on witchcraft and sorcery. You see children attracted to children movies which display a character in the movie with extra-ordinary ability to predict future events or foretell situations and circumstances;

you see children getting very interested in movies showing a character with super ability to transform himself to anything or disappears at any moment of danger.

I AM NOT AGAINST THE SUPER HEROES…. I am not against the entertainment value of these Superheroes of the Children Movies. NO NOT at all. They are pure entertainment.

But I am saying, we the Parents should find time to Introduce the reality of the Power of Jesus to Our Children, so that they don’t imbibe the philosophies of these Superheroes as the real Savior of Mankind.

If you ask an average Children:  Who do you want to be like?  SUPERMAN or JESUS CHRIST?  An average Number of Children would echo with excitement: SUPERMAN! CAPTAIN AMERICA! SPIDER-MAN!

What have you fed your Children with? I have heard of Sunday Schools where The Sunday School Teachers show the Children these Superhero cartoon movies! whatever we feed their heart with now Is what they would grow with! CATCH THEM YOUNG!