Reign of Terror: Top 5 Notorious Terrorists in Southern Nigeria

Godogodo [1999 – 2013]

Abiodun Egunjobi aka ‘Godogodo’ killed over 100 Lagos police officers. He had 6 houses and over 52 fish ponds, and was the most wanted man in Lagos State for over 10 years. He spent 7 years in jail for fighting. He saw this as a minor crime, and vowed to punish the police.

Shina Rambo [1990s]

Shina Rambo, who terrorized South West Nigeria and Benin, once spent N50 million in a day, drove 40 stolen cars in a convoy from Lagos to Benin Republic unstopped. He killed the 9 herbalists who performed severe rituals for him to gain powers, so no one could know his secret.

Shina Rambo (now a Pastor) pounded 27 babies to death, killed over 100 people to eat their tongues, and slept with his own mother for spiritual ‘powers. ‘ He once hijacked over 42 cars in a day. He stole hundreds of cars and sometimes, gave many of them out as gifts.

He spent 11 years in prison for the numerous crimes he committed. He was given an executive pardon for good behaviour. Now Evang. Matthew Oluwanifemi, he ran away from home at 7, after his corrupt soldier dad tried to kill him for assembling his gun. He was cut by him.

Shina Rambo’s dad came back with thousands of Naira stained with blood daily, which he stole from civilians with force. Shina saw all these.

Lawrence Anini [1980s]

Lawrence Anini who terrorized Benin City, Nigeria, in the 1980s, escaped a police chase by driving in reverse from Agbor, Delta State, to Benin City, Edo State.

Lawrence Anini, a highly skilled Driver for gangs, vowed to kill as many police officers as possible, when police officers killed his boss, after accepting a bribe from him to thwart the case.

Derico Nwamama [Early 2000s]

Derico Nwamama terrorized Anambra State with the help of a lawmaker and a Local Government Chairman. He killed over 100 police officers. He was beheaded in public by vigilantes (nicknamed Bakassi Boys).

Ishola Oyenusi [Early 1970s]

Ishola Oyenusi never finished secondary school, but called himself a Doctor. He is Nigeria’s first celebrated criminal. 30,000 people watched him die. While a cop seized him in 1970 & slammed him, he said “People like you don’t talk to me like that when I’m armed. I shoot them.”

Ishola Oyenusi’s second in command, Mighty Joe became worse. He boasted that no one could arrest him due to his spiritual powers. He was executed in 1973. His last words were “May God bless everybody both my friends and enemies. Tell my wife, my mother and my in-law to keep fit.”