Former Lagos gubernatorial candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, Jimi Agbaje, has taken a swipe at popular newspaper columnist, Sam Omatseye, whom he accused of keeping an archive of lies which he uses in his writings.

Agbaje had, in a reaction to Omatseye’s recent column titled ‘Election Bulala’ yesterday, denied claim that he promised to install in Igbo king in Lagos during his governorship campaign.

The pharmacist turned politician, took to his Twitter handle to debunk the claim, labelling the article as a “disgusting” piece which emanated from “archive of lies”.

“The claim by Sam Omatseye, in his column titled ‘Electoral Bulala’, that Jimi Agbaje promised to install an Igbo King in Lagos is a recurring lie from the archive of lies that Sam uses as resource for his materials in @TheNationNews. It’s most disgusting.” Jimi had tweeted.

He further stressed that such promise was a ridiculous one and a pure fabrication by the journalist whom he accused of being under the payroll by mischief makers.

“A journalist of his years of experience must substantiate when, where or with whom such a ridiculous promise was made. It has become so easy to fabricate stories with no iota of truth!

To those like Omatseye who have made similar allegations, they are either ignorant of my role in politics of Yorubaland or are on the payroll of mischief makers.” He added.

Indeed, Sam Omatseye had, in the published article date March 20, 2023, claimed Jimi Agbaje had raised tension of Igbo-Yoruba clash in Lagos when he promised to install an Igbo king in Lagos if he emerged winner.

“The tension has been here all along. The man who raked it up of late was Jonathan who worked with the eastern elite and guber candidate Jimi Agbaje, who promised to install an Igbo king. This undermined the efforts president-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu had made over the years to integrate the Igbos into the state affairs. Jonathan relocated to Lagos and made the CBN his farmstead.” The columnist had written.