Which Tribe In Nigeria Loves Car Most – Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa


Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is a country with a population of over 250 million people. The country contains a diverse group of people of different ethnic groups (tribes), each with its own peculiarities. According to records, Nigeria has about 371 tribes and over 500 languages. Amongst this large pool of tribes, three are the most predominant which are the Igbos, Yorubas and Hausas.

Igbos, Yorubas and Hausas are peculiar people. You can hardly mistake them for one another. They each have their characteristic way of dressing, feeding, language, marriage and virtually every aspect of life. In the same vein, these three tribes have a way they spend their money.

Dangote, Dino Top Owners Of Bugatti Cost Over billions of Naira

Generally in Nigeria, one of the biggest demonstrations of a person’s wealth is the kind of cars they ride. Cars are in categories; some are meant for regular daily use while others are meant to be a show of luxury and wealth. The fact is, all three main tribes in Nigeria have a love for cars, and they love to spend their money on them. Here are a list of people from the three main tribes in Nigeria and the kind of cars they ride:

Igbo Rich People with Expensive Cars

Top 10 Richest Igbo Men In 2023, Igbo Men Net Worth And Cars
  1. Rochas Okorocha
  • Occupation: Politician.
  • Net worth: $1.4 million.

Cars: The wealthy billionaire is known for grandeur and luxury. It is reported that Rochas Okorocha has about 8 exotic cars. This includes

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom,
  • a Mercedes-Benz S600,
  • a Mercedes-Benz Klassen V220,
  • Mercedes Benz AMG63,
  • a Lexus LX 570 among other luxury cars.
  1. Cletus Ibeto
  • Occupation: Businessman, Founder Ibeto Group.
  • Net worth: $3.7 million.

Cars: Cletus Ibeto is one of the strong men who helped build Innoson Motors to the top. Amongst the cars in his collection are;

  • Rolls Royce,
  • Mercedes MayBeach S- Class,
  • Innoson IVM G40 etc.
  1. Arthur Eze
  • Occupation: Businessman, Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Oranto Petroleum.
  • Net worth: $5.8 million.

Cars: Arthur Eze is a lover of class and style, and his car choice strongly emphasizes this. Arthur Eze is reported to have about 5 Rolls Royce. Each of these Rolls Royces has an estimated value of N 180 million. Besides the Rolls Royce, Arthur Eze also has a private jet, a Falcon Plane which he acquired in 2015, valued at about $25 million.

  1. Kingsley Chinweike is popularly known as KCee
  • Occupation: Nigerian musician.
  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Cars: Being from the Igbo tribe, Kcee has a fleet of luxurious cars including:
  • a Gold-Plated Cadillac Escalade,
  • Mercedes Benz G-Wagon,
  • Range Rover Sport,
  • and a Toyota Land Cruiser.
  1. Obi Cubana
  • Occupation: Nigerian entrepreneur, CEO of the Cubana Group, and a show promoter.
  • Net worth: $96 million.

Cars: There is no doubt the Igbo tribe loves cars, here is the list of cars owned by Obi Cubana:

  • Two Lexus LX
  • Mercedes Benz 4matic
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Range Rover
  1. E-Money
  • Occupation: CEO of Five Star Group and Emy Cargo Limited.
  • Net worth: $115 million.

Cars: Igbo-born E-Money has an expensive garage with cars like:

  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter,
  • Lexus LX 570,
  • a Rolls Royce,
  • Maybach 62s,
  •  and a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Yoruba Rich People with Expensive Cars

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Men In 2023, Yoruba Men’s Net Worth And Cars They Own
  1. Mike Adenuga
  • Occupation: CEO Globacom, Businessman.
  • Net worth: $7.9 billion

Cars: His garage is adorned with exotic cars like

  • Bentley Continental GT,
  • Rolls Royce
  • Mercedes Benz AMG G63
  • Armored Bentley Mulsanne
  1. Femi Otedola
  • Occupation: Businessman.
  • Net worth: $ 5.9 million

Cars: Femi Otedola is a man of Yoruba origin. His expensive cars are:

  • A Mercedes-Benz AMG G63
  • A Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
  • A Mercedes SLR McLaren
  • A Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • BMW 6 series
  1. Davido
  • Occupation: Nigerian musician, brand ambassador, and philanthropist.
  • Net worth: ₦8.5 Billion

Cars: The ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ crooner is from the Yoruba tribal clan and his luxurious cars include:

  • 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan
  • Bentley Bentaya
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Range Rover sport.
  • Mercedes Benz GLE Class
  • Lamborghini Urus.
  • Mercedes Benz G wagon etc.
  1. Wizkid
  • Occupation: Nigerian musician, brand ambassador.
  • Net worth: ₦7.4 Billion

Cars: Wizkid is named Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. His car list includes:

  • Bentley Continental GT.
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Mercedes Benz G63 class
  • Lamborghini Urus.
  • BMW X6.
  1. Jimoh Ibrahim
  • Occupation: Businessman.
  • Net worth: $1 billion.

Cars: Born in Ondo State, Jimoh Ibrahim is a Yoruba man and he has a fleet of luxurious cars including:

  • Range Rover
  • Rolls Royce.
  • Toyota Highlander etc.

Hausa Rich People with Expensive Cars

Richest Hausa-Fulani Men In 2023
  1. Akiko Dangote
  • Occupation: Businessman, Founder of Dangote Group.
  • Net worth: Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa currently with a net worth of $12.1 billion.

Cars: Aliko Dangote is a rich man of the Hausa tribe. His luxurious car list includes:

  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Maybach 57S Knight luxury
  • Bentley Mulsanne.
  1. Abdulsamad Rabiu
  • Occupation: Businessman, Founder and CEO of BUA Group.
  • Networth: $ 3.7 billion

Cars: Abdulsamad Rabiu has a list of luxurious cars including:

  • Toyota Prado SUV
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
  • Mercedes Benz S-class.

Credit: Car Mart