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Top 12 Most Powerful Secret Societies in History

1. Cult of Mithras

The Mithraic Mysteries, a secret society that rose in the 1st century A.D. throughout the Roman Empire—thanks largely to its popularity among Roman troops—was inspired by an Indian-Persian divinity known as Mithra or Mithras, who was believed to have been born from a rock. Portrayed as a saviour-like god, Mithras was often shown slaughtering a sacrificial bull or sharing a banquet with the sun god, Sol.

Not much is known about the inner workings of this exclusive cult, though it’s understood that the focus was glorifying war, overcoming evil, and achieving salvation. All applicants had to pass seven complex levels of initiation—including performing animal sacrifices—before they were considered fully vested members or syn­dexioi, “sealed by a handshake.”

2. Oracle of Delphi

In ancient Greece, citizens who had a burning question could seek the gods’ wisdom through oracles—and there was no more influential oracle than the one at Delphi. Reaching its peak influence between the 8th and 6th centuries B.C., this massive temple dedicated to the god Apollo stood at the heart of the Delphi sanctuary that, on most days, served as a place of worship. But for nine days a year, the temple became an oracle when a special medium, called the Pythia, received a select group of visitors (who had made a sizeable donation for the privilege).

On the appointed day, Pythia, usually a young woman and Delphi native, would drink and bathe in the waters of the Kassotis Fountain. She then entered the temple to take her place in the inner sanctum, the adyton. The oracle herself never “spoke.”

3. Freemasonry

According to Wikipedia, Freemasonry is a fraternal organization with a public-spirited existence since the 17th century.

But there is a considerable chunk of the society that feels that they are more than the charitable work that the world knows them for.

They say that Masonry is open to anyone of any faith. But all this is just to attract more people to join the community. The ‘G’ used in their signs stands for the Masonic gnosis or generation with Lucifer and God as the main enemy of Christendom.

4. Order of Nine Angels

Established in the 60s, the Order of Nine Angles is a satanic cult group based out in the United Kingdom.

They claim to be the followers of Satan and the members see it as a very individual pursuit of excellence by studying what Satan has to offer ONA’s writings believe in human sacrifice as a way to eliminate weaknesses and claim that they are an important part of the strategy of the devil to carry out the mission to disrupt and ultimately conquer the common people.

5. Assassins

Assassin, or Hashashin, is considered to be one of the most fearful of all the secret societies in the world.

They are known for striking down their targets regardless of the number of security personnel that guards them.

Between 1090 and 1256, eight grand masters ruled the society of Assassins. Most of them were simple farmers during the day but became fearless assassins by the night.

6. The Tiandihui and Hongmen

During the turbulent 18th century in China, the Tiandihui, or Society of the Heaven and the Earth, formed as a spiritual cult led by charismatic leaders in Fujian Province. They were forced underground by the Qing dynasty, becoming a ferocious resistance movement against the Qing Manchu rulers. They resorted to armed robbery to maintain financial stability.

The Tiandihui inspired other societies, including a Masonic-type organisation known as the Hung Mun or “Hongmen.” Members included Sun Yat-sen, founder of China’s first republic; and Gen. Chiang Kai-shek, Taiwan’s founder. Some remained true to the Tiandihui ideals of patriotism, loyalty, and justice, but others drifted into criminality, inspired by the Tiandihui penchant for Robin Hood-style holdups. The most famous of these is a group known as the Triads, which today is one of the largest Asian crime syndicates in the world.

7. Ku Klux Klan

The American cult, KKK, is a movement that advocates extremist reactions to topics like white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration.

Whoever opposed them in the past has been dealt with through terrorism aimed at certain groups and individuals.

Today, many sources classify the Klan as a “subversive or terrorist organization”, and it has since been reduced from 3-6 million members to less than 5 thousand across the State.

8. Order of Skulls and Bones

Founded in 1832 by a community of students from Yale University, this group is famous for being a part of several conspiracy theories, the most popular perhaps being that founders of the CIA were members of this group.

As a part of their initiation ceremony, new members are asked to lie naked in coffins before telling others about their deepest and darkest sexual secrets.

9. The German Thule Society

Probably the real inspiration of Nazism, founded in August 1919 in Munich.

Thule believed in bringing upon the New World Order rather simply and effectively -killing people and reducing the population.

Apart from practicing sexual magic racist chants, and black magic, Thule members were often known to take part in ‘supernatural’ exhibitions where they would invite demons and ask for their guidance.

Even Adolf Hitler was associated with the society as a ‘visiting brother’.

10. Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati is an Enlightenment-era secret society, founded on May 1, 1776, that opposed superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power.

It is often alleged to conspire and control world affairs masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence.

Modern conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati are the ones who have been pulling the strings in most of the world’s major events, including the Battle of Waterloo, the French revolution, and President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

11. Order of Chaeronea

Cecil Ives founded the group as a means to communicate without fear of persecution. He patterned the order like a true secret society, devising ceremonies and passwords for its members.

He also devised a strict set of rules, which kept members from using the society for sexual meet-ups. Many prominent gay intellectuals joined—Oscar Wilde was reportedly a member. The organization soon spread around the world, enabling Ives to promote gay rights through books and numerous lectures.

12. Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men

Some believe that this was the most powerful society in the world, especially because there were only nine members in it. King Ashoka of the Maurya dynasty in 270 B.C., who had a change of heart after his conquest of Kalinga, formed a secret society of 9 men who would hold the key to everything in this world. Members were given the responsibility to develop, preserve, and prevent the information that they found from getting into the hands of the people who were capable of misusing it.



  1. After belonging to any of these secret cults, is there any sense of fulfilment? Does being member bring true happiness when one is constantly reminded of having chosen the devil over the risen Christ? How does being a member suggest anything different from the fact that the whole life of man is vanity?


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