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How L Credit Agent Defames Loan Defaulter, Threatens to Obtain More Loans With His BVN

Yemi Olushina (not real name) has narrated how Gift Sunday, an L Credit agent, defamed him and threatened to use his BVN to obtain loans from other loan apps for defaulting on a loan.

Temi told FIJ that he had obtained a loan of N11,000 from L Credit, a personal loan app, on May 19, and was expected to pay back N15,000 on Tuesday, May 31. However, he couldn’t afford to pay until two days later. Within this 48 hour interval, he was insulted and threatened.

“This is not my first time getting a loan from L Credit and paying it back. From the moment this one was due, the lady kept pestering me, and I told her to give me till the second day,” Yemi said.

However, the agent sent threatening messages to him on WhatsApp, followed by a voice note informing him that she had his BVN and would use it to obtain a loan from three other loan apps.

“I can now see that you’re ‘misfortune’. Don’t worry, by the time I use your BVN to collect loans from three different loan apps, maybe by that time, you will come back to your senses. Just get ready, and stay close to your phone. By the time you start seeing debit alerts, I will make sure I use your BVN to collect loans, and I will also place an auto debit on your account. We are going to deduct five times what you’re owning us, and this will happen for good two years. Get ready!” Gift threatened.

Yemi said barely 12 hours after the loan payment was due, a couple of friends called him that they had received demeaning messages from a contact about him.

When FIJ contacted L Credit about the situation through their official line, the agent who responded said they only ensure that interests increase when customers default. The agent however refused to answer questions on whether Gift was their worker and was authorised to threaten customers.

“When the customer doesn’t pay when due, we add more money to the amount to be repaid,” he said.

Credit: Fij



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