PROTEST: Respect your grand old age and stop dancing ‘skelewu’ – Tinubu warns Atiku


Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the newly elected president, has urged the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to respect his advanced age and quit dancing the “skelewu” with court jesters like Dino Melaye and create traffic jams in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Tinubu was responding to the protest that Atiku and several PDP leaders staged outside the INEC offices on Monday.

‘Skelewu’ is a dance form established by the musician, David Adeleke (Davido) in his song of the same title.

Tinubu called the incident a “new low” and a “theatre of the absurd,” and he wondered how a former vice president of the nation could be so inactive as to disturb the nations capital.

In a statement, All Progressives Congress APC Presidential Campaign Council PCC Director of Media and Publicity Mr. Bayo Onanuga said that when Atiku announced last week that he would seek legal redress over the results of the 25 February Presidential election, the PCC had no idea that he did not intend to abide by his own promise.

“Going by his political antecedents, it was rather not surprising that Atiku, days later, led a band of protesters, nay jesters in Abuja, to the Headquarters of Independent National Electoral Commission INEC.

“What was on display today by Alhaji Atiku and his motley crowd was a new low from the perennial election loser.

“With Atiku staging a theatre of the absurd, we fail to see how a march to INEC by a scanty crowd will provide any victory window for him and his fragmented PDP. The only recourse open to Atiku after the electoral umpire declared Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the President-elect, is the Election Petition Tribunal.

“Instead of Atiku and his party to wisely spend their time to gather the so-called evidence they hope to present before the courts, they are busy dancing ‘skelewu’ on the streets and causing traffic nuisance to residents of the Federal Capital Territory who were going to work on a Monday morning.

“We don’t expect a former Vice President of Nigeria, a statesman and a Presidential candidate to be so jobless as to have time to disturb public peace over an electoral outcome he had already said he would challenge in court”, the APC PCC stated.

Age not on your side

The council also admonished Alhaji Atiku “to respect his age and the high office of the Vice Presidency of Nigeria he once occupied”.

“He should stop being teleguided by Dino Melaye, who disclosed scandalously that N400 billion was wasted on the election, which was clear at the outset that Atiku was bound to lose.

“Atiku should avoid being misdirected by other court jesters in his party, who continued to campaign after the election, still spewing their inanities against the President-elect. They are mere comic characters in a travelling theatre group.

“INEC Headquarters is not a court where the prayers of Alhaji Atiku can be answered. No amount of theatrical display will give him succour. The honourable and lawful path to take is for Atiku to get his lawyers to plead his case in court.

“He should stop throwing tantrums like a baby whose candy was taken away over an election he clearly lost due to his own poor judgment; mismanagement of his own party and violation of power rotational arrangement between the North and the South. The PDP presidential candidate dug his own grave, in his last election and, absurdly, he is trying to rewrite the script of his own utter failure.

“We wonder how Atiku and his party hoped to win, when he himself admitted that Peter Obi, his running mate in 2019, ran away with traditional PDP votes from the South-East and South-South.

“It is preposterous that while Atiku is disturbing public peace, chanting phantom electoral victory, Peter Obi is making same claim. We think both men have embarrassed themselves enough and it is time they both resolved who between them is the supposed winner that will challenge our party’s victory in court.

“We advise Atiku to retire honourably from politics and move to his abode in Dubai. At 77 in November, Atiku does not have age on his side again. He has participated in his last election and hopefully, he has learnt worthy lessons, never to place his selfish interests above party and established principles in his party and the polity”.