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Mamman Daura: Biography, Education, Career, Marriage, Net Worth, Achievements and Controversy

Mamman Daura is a Nigerian newspaper editor and the nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He was born on 9th November 1939. Mamman Daura is 94 years as of 2023.

The renowned journalist is regarded by many as the second-most popular man in the Buhari-led administration.

Mamman’s relationship with Buhari is dated back to his childhood days


Mamman attended Daura Elementary School, Katsina, for his primary education before proceeding to Provincial Secondary School, Okene, for his secondary education.

Later, he headed to Trinity College, Dublin, for certification in Economics.


Mamman started his career as a staff with the Daura Native Authority for a couple of years before he joined the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.

He was then selected by the then Premier of the Nothern region, Ahmadu Bello to study at Trinity College in England.

In 1967 when he returned from England, he worked as an assistant in the Cabinet of Northern Nigeria before he returned to Dublin to bag a master’s degree in business and public administration.

On his return in 1968, Daura worked as a secretary in the office of General Abba Kyari, the then-military governor of North-Central State.

He then joined the New Nigerian to replace Adamu Ciroma as the paper’s new editor. As the editor, Mamman focused on protecting the northern interest and the nothernization agenda. He rose through the rank to become the managing director of the newspaper.

Mamman was a key figure during the Buhari administration during his military rule in the 1980s and during his presidency in 2015.

Throughout his career, Mamman was involved in various government boards and agencies and also established several successful businesses, including Funtua Textiles Limited and a furniture factory in Kaduna.

He held influential positions such as Chairman of the Nigerian Television Authority and Africa International Bank and was also the Chairman of the Nigerian Bank of Commerce and Industry.


Mamman is married to Ummu Kulthum, and there are blessed with five children

Net worth

Spy Nigeria cannot independently verify Mamman’s net worth


On several occasions, Mamman has been accused of leading a shadowy but powerful kitchen cabinet in the Buhari-led administration.

The wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, reportedly accused him of obstructing her access to her president.



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