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Top 10 Cheapest Honda Cars You Can Buy For Less Than N1,000,000 In 2023


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Honda is the ideal choice if you’re seeking well-made, well-engineered vehicles that are roomy and economical to operate. The best cars to drive are Hondas, which are also known for their dependability.

It is the second-largest manufacturer in Japan and was established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Over the years, it has dedicated itself to innovation and sporty, high-revving engines.

Here are the top ten Honda vehicles available for one million naira.

2006 Honda Civic (N900,000)

2006 Honda Civic
2006 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has ecologically friendly engines and is a fuel-efficient vehicle. It also boasts several basic safety features, and a spacious interior and some models have unique Hybrid, GX, and Si variants.

This Honda Civic model has a reputation for dependability, affordability, and spirited performance. You have the option of a coupe or a sedan for the 2006 model.

2008 Honda Pilot (N960,000)

2008 Honda Pilot
2008 Honda Pilot

Despite having more contemporary rivals, the 2008 Honda Pilot is still a solid option for buyers seeking a cosy midsize crossover SUV. The Honda Pilot has superior versatility compared to its competitors, scores highly for safety, and has a reputation for comfort and dependability.

You will be more likely to appreciate the Honda Pilot for its effective manner of family transportation if you value form over function. The Pilot was one of the first midsize crossover SUVs when it was released in 2003. It was built on a car rather than a truck.

Honda Accord of 2004 (N590,000–N900,000)

2004 Honda Accord
2004 Honda Accord

The 2004 Honda Accord, a midsize Accord sedan with excellent sales and a reputation for dependability, got a significant facelift. The previous four-speed automatic transmission was replaced by a five-speed unit. Honda has stated numerous times that the cheetah was their primary design inspiration for this automobile because of how low it sits on the ground.

2003 Honda CR-V (N850,000–N970,000)

2003 Honda CR-V
2003 Honda CR-V

The 2003 Honda CR-V is a spacious, comfortable vehicle that handles well and is versatile.

It is strong and receives good safety ratings. The 2003 Honda CR-V is a great option for the family if you’re looking for a vehicle.

2005 Honda Element (EX) (N800,000)

2005 Honda Element
2005 Honda Element

The inside of the 2005 Honda Element is roomy and weatherproof. It sports a smooth four-cylinder engine, balanced handling, and all-wheel drive as an option. It is a vehicle designed for the youthful, energetic generation that desires a reasonably priced option with versatile cargo-hauling capacity and a dynamic appearance.

2004 Honda City (N630,000–N800,000)

2004 Honda City
2004 Honda City

The Honda City model from 2004 offers a gorgeous interior and several safety features. The back seats neatly fold down to increase cabin room, which is above average. Its interior is modern, and all of the instruments are conveniently located.

This vehicle is a bonus for the Honda City because it has a beautiful, smooth engine, and the fact that it handles well just makes it much more impressive. Although it may not be ideal for long-distance highway driving, it is made for driving in cities.

2000 Honda Accord Sedan (N400,000–N760,000)

2000 Honda Accord
2000 Honda Accord

In a nation like the US, this is the second-best-selling passenger car and Honda’s most popular model. This vehicle boasts a roomy cabin, cosy seats, spotless engines, and great market value. It also enjoys a spotless reputation for unfailing dependability.

1997 Honda Bulldog (N800,000–N970,000) 

1997 Honda Bulldog
1997 Honda Bulldog

This fifth-generation Honda has a sturdy construction, a gorgeous interior, a sporty engine, and supportive seats. One of the Honda brands with the highest resale values is this one. It attracted a large number of devoted clients by providing brisk performance, economical fuel use, space for four, and undeniable durability.

A tokunbo Honda Bulldog costs N800,000, and a secondhand model made in Nigeria starts at N400,000.

2005 Honda Odyssey (N700,000–N900,000)

2005_Honda Odyssey
2005_Honda Odyssey

This model was re-engineered to serve as a new benchmark for the minivan segment. It is equipped with a high level of standard features and advanced safety equipment. The interior of this model is a paragon of style and beauty; it carries the features and sophistication of a premium luxury sedan.

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour (N980,000)

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour
2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

The 2010 Honda Crosstour is available in all-wheel drive, has sufficient legroom, and has high safety scores. The car is a cross between multiple genres, as the name suggests. Like many SUVs, it is fashioned like a sedan; unlike true crossovers, the Accord Crosstour is limited in its versatility, like a wagon or SUV.


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