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I K^lled My Husband Because He Caught Me With Another Man – Woman Narrated

According to reports, an Edo State businessman named Abdullah Steve Dagana was fatally stabbed by his second wife, love. According to the story, Dagana visited his first wife, who was ostensibly residing somewhere else.

His second wife had taken a new man into the house, his friends and family informed him over the phone.

Rumors circulated that Dagana had set up his wife to determine the veracity of these claims.

He expected his second wife to invite a new man over on the Saturday prior, so he feigned to visit his first wife as normal.

He learned the news when his second wife brought home another man. However, he didn’t go down right away; instead, he waited until after midnight, and when he did, at around three in the morning, he discovered his second wife in bed with another man.

They claim that after the two engaged in argument, she stabbed the man in the chest, instantly killing him.

She opened the door for her boyfriend so he could flee, and then she began calling out “thief, thief” to the neighbors. Before she could play the victim, they apprehended her and informed her that everything was a sophisticated ruse.

They saw the man flee out of the house and they knew he was her boyfriend. They reportedly attempted a lynch.



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