5 countries apart from Nigeria where Igbo people can be found and Igbo language is spoken

The Igbo people are an ethnicity from southeast Nigeria, but you can also find them elsewhere.


One of the biggest ethnic groupings in Africa is the Igbo, often known as the Ibo. The majority of Igbo speakers reside in southeast Nigeria, where they account for over 17% of the population. They also call their language Igbo.

Nigeria’s five most populous Igbo states are Anambra, Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, and Enugu. Additionally, the Igbos make up over 25% of the population in various states of Nigeria, including Delta State, Kogi State and Rivers State.

Igbo language and the Igbo people are also found in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

Sold into slavery, Igbo people spread the language throughout slave colonies as a result of the Atlantic slave trade. According to Wikipedia, examples can be found in Jamaican Patois. Red eboe refers to a fair-skinned black person due to the recorded accounts of a fair or yellowish complexion tone among the Igbo. The pronoun /unu/, used for ‘you (plural)’, is taken from Igbo.

Also according to Wikipedia, Barbadians frequently referred to Barbados as “Bim,” a nickname for the island (Bajans). This word is thought to have originated in the Igbo language and be derived from the phrase “my people,” which is bi mu (or bem, Ndi bem, Nwanyi ibem, or Nwoke ibem.

The Igbo language is still spoken in Cuba, along with the Efik language, but in a creolized version. In ceremonies of the Abakuá culture, you can see traces of the Igbo Culture.