“I Feel So Confused and Sad When I Remember I’ll D#E Soon, Just Two Years Left” – Rich Yahoo Boy Cried Bitterly New Video


A young man who will pass away in two years has expressed how devastated he is by the news.

He claims that the knowledge that he will depart this early hurts his heart. He stated that he only had two years left on the planet.

He said this:

“Whenever I remember I’ll die Young, I feel so bad???? 2years left.”

This stirred reactions from netizens as some speculated that he had terminal disease while others encouraged him to run to Jesus.

@philips880 said, “You don’t have to feel bad, it was your decision.”

@adannajoyce said, “I don’t know you but if this is really true, just be strong!!!! Our God is merciful..no matter whatever dt is going on, am sure he will help us….????.”

@giftycruzz said, “When ever you remember that just know you have to call God and turn to him for Mercies… He sure pass any alter.”

@ireneo163 said, “denounce and run to God, so even if you will still die, u can make heaven.”

@gypsycherii said, “The devil always takes away his things fast and will not allow you to enjoy life.”

Watch video below: