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“All Your Songs Sound the Same, Why?” – Asake Responds

Like it or not, singer Asake is the man of the moment in the Nigerian music industry. He has had a meteoric rise to fame and dominated the airwaves this year amassing a record number of fans in such a short amount of time. People love Asake! But just because somebody is loved by the majority doesn’t mean that everybody loves them, it also doesn’t mean that they are above criticisms. Many of the people who don’t ‘get’ why Asake is so popping right now cite one major issue – they believe that all the singer’s songs sound alike. According to many people, “all his songs sound like Sungba”. The singer isn’t unaware of these sayings.

During his new interview with the Native Magazine, Asake had to speak his mind on this topic of people saying his music sounds the same. Here’s what the singer had to say.

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During his interview, the interviewer brought up the topic of people saying that all of his songs sound the same. Responding to that criticism, Asake said to the magazine:

I feel like you doing what works for you is not a sin. If something works for you, it means you’re the originator of it. So why will you leave it? It’s just like, [if] I come out with a special rice and the whole world is fucking with [it], you want me to leave it and look for another special rice? Is that not what every artist is looking for? I come with a sound and the people love it, so I might do it 70,000 more times, your own is to keep enjoying it. I just have to be doing it well, that’s all that matters to me.

My sound is my sound. That makes it my sound, because you can’t understand it. The moment I understand it, that means it’s not my sound, so I have to keep dipping into my sound

I know where I belong, I know where I’m from. I know what I know. The way I make my music, I go just dey talk everything wey dey my mouth. Learn the one you can learn and leave the one you cannot learn. The main reason I involve the choir part is so all of us can sing together. I don’t even care if you learn all the lyrics or not, my own is you have to get the message I want to pass to you ‘cause I like to talk a lot in my music.

What do you think about what Asake had to say about this topic? I won’t lie, I’m one of those people who feels that a lot of his music sounds the same to me too. I don’t know, do you feel the same way? Or do all his songs sound completely different to you? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment either below or on my Jide Okonjo Facebook post.



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