Know how to read 10 driver license classes in Nigeria


Class B driving license is the most commonly known since many of us only own a regular car. But do you know that there are in total of 10 classes? Check them out below!

Most car owners know about the driving license. In short, it’s a small, firm piece of paper that allows the drivers to legally drive on the roads of Nigeria or anywhere in the world (if you own an international driving license). The most familiar type would be class B because that’s the minimum requirement for anyone to be on the roads unless you are driving a motorcycle, then you only need a class A.

With that said, we guess you might sometime be curious about the other types, so here they are. We have gathered below 10 types of driving license in Nigeria and the specific type of vehicle that each category allows the driver to operate.

*Note: Before attempting to file a request, make sure that you are 18 or above. Also, driving license would expire in 3 or 5 years time.

1. Driving license Class A

This is the bare minimum if you want to drive engined vehicles on the street. This will allow you to drive motorcycles that are under 125cc

2. Driving license Class B

This is the bare minimum for 4-wheel vehicles. If you’ve planned to purchase a sedan, an SUV, a minivan or any vehicle that weigh more than 3 tonnes, prepare a B class license first hand.


This is what a class B license looks like

3. Driving license Class C

This is similar to the class B driving license, except the vehicles this time have to weigh less than 3 tonnes and also it’s not a motorcycle.


A class C driving license in Nigeria

4. Driving license Class D

This is also similar to the class C driving license, but you mustn’t drive one that has a trailer and/or permanent/semi-permanent pivoting joints (also known as artuclated vehicles).

5. Driving license Class E

Class E license is issued for motor drivers other than those driving motor cycle and artuclated vehicles


This is the driving license class E

6. Driving license Class F

This is mostly issued for farmers, who need to frequently operate agriculture facilities and equipment, tractors or vehicles that run in a continuous chain or track.

7. Driving license Class G

This is for people who drive vehicles with semi-permanent or permanent pivoting joints (a.k.a articulated vehicles)

8. Driving license Class H

This is for drivers who have to operate heavy equipment that is often designed for construction operations (which usually involve earthworks).


The exact announcement of driving license classes from FRSC

9. Driving license Class J

This is for the differently able people, who often have trouble with physical tasks.

10. Driving license Class V

This is for the drivers of government, who has to chauffer high-powered politicians and VIPs around.