There are different types of interesting drivers on Nigerian roads who all partake in road entertainment. Check out the full list and identify yourself!

If you think you have seen the most diverse set of people, wait until you get on Nigerian roads. There, you will find people of different categories behind the wheels. If you are having a boring day, grabbing your keys and hitting the road for a ride might be the magic you need to move your boring day to a fun one as you will be entertained free of charge (FOC).

But you are not exempted.

Every driver has their own behavior. You might think you are not part of the “crazy” ones, but you certainly do belong somewhere. In this article brought to you by, we shall take a look at the various categories of drivers on Nigerian roads. Read along to identify yourself.

1. The over sabi (know-it-all)

Top on the list of types of drivers on Nigerian roads is the Know-it-all A. K. A Over sabi, I too know (ITK). This driver believes that he/she knows everything about driving. As a matter of fact, they feel that every other driver on the road is a learner, and has no business driving because their hands are not yet strong on the wheels. The over sabi sees a fault in everybody’s driving behavior except theirs. They always have something to say.


The over sabi is often an elderly man

2. The teacher

The road is not a classroom, but some drivers take it upon themselves to be teachers. They offer unsolicited teaching lessons to other drivers who they feel do not know how to drive. This kind of driver is quick to correct others. And after the correction, comes the lecture. They will tell you how wrong you were for moving in a particular way. As compensation for their free advice, they expect you to acknowledge their efforts and thank them profusely for teaching you out of their reservoir of knowledge. If you fail to appreciate them, they will say you are ungrateful.

3. The competitor

As far as the competitor is concerned, road driving is a car race. They bring down the full weight of competition, determined to win the race. They are always accelerating, trying to get ahead of everyone. Anyone who overtakes them is seen as the enemy standing between them and the trophy. So, they buckle up, and accelerate even higher just to overtake the person. They make swift turns frequently in a bid to maneuver other cars. If you are seated with them in the car, they expect you to applaud them for their expertise.

4. The punisher

If you think you are too old to be reprimanded, wait until you meet the Punisher on the road. First off, they think they are always in the right. They are too good to do any wrong. So, they take it upon themselves to identify and reprimand those who commit any “offence” on the road.


You won’t enjoy your happiness for long if encountering The punisher

The Punisher does not only reprimand you with words from their car. Sometimes, they step out of their car, and approach you in your own car, just to drive home their point. They try to make you see how stupid you are for doing such a wrong thing. They go as far as calling on other drivers around to see what you have done, soliciting their support. If the Punisher had their way, they would cease your driver’s license, so you will not be able to misbehave on the road again.

5. The philosopher

Wherever you go, you will always find those who are very understanding to a fault. Every behavior has a logical explanation. Rather than castigate people for their wrong doings, they try to understand the root of the problem, and go as far as trying to make other people understand the situation.

The Philosopher will not insult you for behaving badly on the road, instead, they will attribute it to where you are coming from. They do not “lose it.” They keep their emotions under control at every point in time. Even when you try to get them upset, they simply remain calm.

6. The avoider

The avoider is similar to the Philosopher in the sense that they are not quick to get into a fight. But unlike the Philosopher who tries to rationalize behavior, the Avoider does not have that time. They simply ignore you. They do not have time for road wahala. They are more concerned about where they are going and what they have to do. If you like, behave like a mad man or woman, you are totally on your own.

7. The escapee

The escapee understands that there are some crazy people on the road. Before leaving their location, they already devise a strategy to not get involved in any trouble on the road.

The Escapee is either listening to music or on the phone talking to someone half the time they are driving. They simply do not want to engage any drivers on the road. Even when you talk to them, they will not hear you because they are preoccupied.

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