To Study in New Zealand Without IELTS is a dream of many students. We compile a complete list of universities in New Zealand that offers Scholarships without IELTS score. There are many students who want to pursue their education in New Zealand without IELTS requirements. Once international applicants know about this article, their dreams can come true. Studying for free in New Zealand at top universities without the need for IELTS / TOEFL is a really difficult task.

A New Zealand Scholarship will change and strengthen your life. New Zealand scholarships are open for the 2022 academic year. All international students, as well as domestic students, can apply for scholarships to study in Bachelors, Masters, PhD and postdoctoral degree programs in New Zealand without IELTS. There are some top universities in New Zealand for studying without IELTS.

There is no bond. You have the opportunity to study and work in New Zealand without IELTS. There are alternative methods and requirements to meet that are much easier than language tests such as IELTS/TOEFL. There are universities that will allow you to pursue your education in New Zealand without an IELTS score, even courses like PhD without IELTS are possible in New Zealand. 

IELTS is not required. There are some institutions in New Zealand where you can apply without IELTS. Get ready to gain experience from New Zealand’s world-class top universities. The list of universities in New Zealand to study without IELTS are listed below.

List of Universities in New Zealand without IELTS 2022

We have collected some top New Zealand Universities where a candidate have opportunity to study without IELTS. You can also Check the Rankings of these Universities as well.

  1. University of Auckland (179th in World, Top in New Zealand)
  2. University of Otago (184th in World, Top in New Zealand)
  3. University of Canterbury (270 in the World)
  4. Lincoln University (8th in New Zealand)
  5. Unitec Institute of Technology (8th in New Zealand)

Alternatives of Without IELTS study in New Zealand 

  • Applicants must provide proof that they have studied at least 8th to 12th grade in an English medium school and clearly state that regardless of the source of the board or the country of study.
  • Applicants must submit Proof of having Attained 5 years of English medium education at the primary level and proof of 3 years at the higher secondary level in school.
  • The New Zealand Immigration authority conducts a specific interview for students without IELTS, For applying for a study visa in New Zealand.

Best Universities in New Zealand without IELTS

Many top universities in New Zealand offer language proficiency tests for alternative IELTS and international students. The universities here are given below.

1# University of Canterbury New Zealand

International students can demonstrate their proficiency in the English language by demonstrating completion of academic qualifications from the English Medium Institute or English Medium Country.

2# Lincoln University New Zealand

Lincoln University has its own criteria for English language program that is easier than IELTS. Students who successfully complete this course are exempt from all English language proficiency requirements.

3# University of Otago New Zealand

In addition, if the candidate fails to meet any of the above criteria, they may also choose the English for Otago program to be eligible for admission to the University of Otago.

List of New Zealand Scholarships

1# New Zealand Government Scholarships 2022

The New Zealand Scholarships are fully funded to undertake a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD or Doctoral degrees program. This scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

2# University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

The University of Waikato Scholarship 2022 is also available to pursue a Bachelors, Master’s, and Ph.D. Degree Programs in New Zealand.

3# University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

The University of Auckland Scholarship 2022 is available to undertake an undergraduate degree, Masters and Ph.D level Degree Programs.

4# University of Lincoln Scholarships New Zealand

  1. Sports Scholarship at Lincoln University
  2. African, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thai, Turkey, Uraguay and Vietnam Scholarships