How Nigerian Entrepreneurs Can Reap Big From Facebook’s New Changes


Facebook has launched new features to boost Nigerian-owned businesses operating on the social media platform.

In updates announced on Tuesday, October 25, the subsidiary of the social media giant, Meta, unveiled developments on the Facebook groups that will help entrepreneurs better engage with their target market.

For instance, those who run business pages will be able to share reels on groups, which have grown in numbers and popularity over the years.

“Reels let you express your voice in your communities through creative and immersive videos. With Reels now in Groups, community members can share information, tell stories and connect on a deeper level,” Facebook wrote.

The platform has also enabled group members and administrators to modify the reels using text overlay, filters and audio to add more life to the stories.

In addition, the entrepreneurs can also share a public Facebook event within the groups and community on their Instagram story for better outreach.

Customization of business profiles to enable those in groups to target a specific niche of clients is in its tasting phase.

“In your ‘About Me’ section to highlight information you want to share with your community. You can also add an indicator to your profile if you’re open to messaging.

“This can help other like-minded members know that you’re willing to connect over shared interests,” the updates read in part.

Other developments include view-only chats which enable users to send one-way communication and chats to which only admins can comment or contribute on.

On community control, admins of Facebook groups have been granted the power to reward points to more active members who make contributions that will better the group members.

The admin-assist will enable the group managers to gatekeep messages shared on the group through automation. This will enable them to fish out false information.

“Group admins can automatically move such posts to pending posts so that the admins can review the posts before deleting them,” Facebook wrote.

Meanwhile, the site will continue to flag comments which violate its community standards.