5 jobs you can combine with your ‘9-5’ to make more money in Nigeria


With the current state of Nigeria’s economy, it is not easy to live solely on income from a 9-to-5 job. The nature of office jobs also makes it hard to combine it with other hustles but thank God for the advent of the internet, there are jobs you can do remotely from the comfort of your home.

In Nigeria, you can make money from these 5 ways online:

Create a YouTube channel or blog

This is a good money-making avenue if you love to create content. You can make a video of your content and upload it on YouTube or you create a website (blog) write your content and publish it.

You monetize the sites with Google Adsense to make money, sell your merchandise or make money from a sponsored post.

Write and publish books

If you are great as an author or a publisher, then you should take advantage of websites for book sales and publish on them. As a Nigerian, you can publish your books, short stories, or reviews on sites like Okadabooks and Amazon kindle. You can monetize your books or publications so that you get paid whenever anyone read or download your books

Affiliate marketing programs

You can sign up to affiliate programs of Nigerian brands online to market their products for a commission. Some popular brands in Nigeria are Jumia and Konga. These brands have functioning affiliate marketing programs in place. You can join to start promoting their products so that people can buy from your ad links and you make money from their purchases.

Be a freelancer

There are different freelancing sites you can work with online in Nigeria. If you have marketable skills like writing, editing, programming, coding, publishing, etc, then you should sign up on these freelancing sites to get jobs. Some of these sites are Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, TaskRabbit, 99design, People Per Hour, Guru, etc.

Work on paid to post sites

These are earning forums you can share your ideas by commenting on topics on the sites to earn. You can as well create topics (threads) for others to comment on and you earn from your creation. So you can earn from writing both threads and replies. Some of the legit paid-to-post forums are forumcoin.com,  bisdustry.com, trendri and beermoneyforum.