Nigerian Schooling in the US Rented Plane to Fly His Date to Dinner. Its Propeller Blade Killed Him


Sani Aliyu a Nigerian student residing in Georgia, United States of America, has lost his life after being struck twice in the head by the propeller blades of a small plane while on a date.

According to Daily Mail UK, Aliyu, 21, a second-year student at Georgia Southern University, had rented the plane to take an unnamed lady on a dinner date.

After being flown by a pilot and co-pilot on a 58-mile journey from Statesboro to Savannah, within the state of Georgia, the incident happened while the Nigerian and his date were exiting the plane.

When the plane doors opened, Aliyu’s date alighted and headed to the back of the plane, but he headed to the front where he was struck twice by the plane’s propeller blade on the back of the head. He died on the spot.

“They flew to Savannah to go on a date, flew back, landed at the Statesboro Airport, and the young lady got off the plane and walked toward the back of the plane, and he got off the airplane and walked toward the front of the plane, and when he did, the propeller hit him,” said Jake Futch, the county coroner at Bulloch, Statesboro, Georgia.

Until his death, Aliyu was a management major at Georgia Southern University.