See how Beautiful Nigerian Lady Car Mechanic, Removes Engine, Repairs It faster than men Mechanic


In a video posted on Tiktok, a young Nigerian lady can be seen working on a vehicle’s engine while a customer waits for her inside her workshop. The woman, who did not mind getting her hands dirty, was able to show off her skills and dedication while she was fixing various parts.

The woman, who was identified @asesperence1, walked around the workplace in a very professional manner to show that she is enjoying her job.

10 Common Slangs Nigeria Mechanics Will Always Use To Confuse You

In Nigeria, nothing reigns supreme, like the use of slang. Almost everything has slang for it in Nigeria. It’s the Nigerian way of catching cruise; it’s what keeps the ball rolling in the country. Nigerian mechanics have their slangs that’ll always confuse you. If you don’t pay attention, you might not get what they are trying to say.