Why I Married Two Husbands And Sleep On Same Bed With Them – Woman Narrates (Video)


A woman has narrated how she married two husbands due to poverty which ravaged her after giving birth to two children.

During her marriage to her first husband, she gave birth to two children for him and poverty struck their home.

The husband moved to another city in search of a better life and in the course of that, he did not reach out or communicate with his wife for 3 years.

The woman thought that her husband was gone for good so she fell in love with another man and got married to him.

She had one child for this other man and they lived happily until her first husband came back home.

Her first husband did not want to let her go so he stayed married to her, leaving her with two husbands.

They live happily together and even share the same bed and although the men are unhappy with sharing one woman, they don’t really have a choice because they love her.

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