Meet The Black American Who Grew From $30,000 Yearly Income To $500,000 Annual Income Through His Vending Machine Business


A 31-year-old entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania identified as Marcus Gram, has make tremendous impact in the US business world.

The young man who founded vending machine business with the brand name Joyner Vending, has projected to make $500,000 in sales in 2022 alone just 4 years since it was launched.

Marcus who was a Music producer aspirant, started this business as a side hustle in 2018, whereas he working full-time at a particular firm with an annual income of about 30000. However, the business which he assume as a side hustle has experience massive growth beyond the young man’s imagination.

Marcus picked interest in the world of vending machines after seeing a woman retrieve cash from one of hers. He was inspired and therefore, he plans towards starting his. In 2018, he started his business with two vending machines of which he bought them at the price of $4,400.

at first, things didn’t go smoothly, being that it was the initial stage of the business, he made only $4,000. Normally, that’s a huge loss, but he didn’t consider that, he was still consistent in the business.

In subsequent year, the business began to move, and he was able to make about $25,000, and gradually to about $200000 net income.

However, in 2021, Gram’s vending business fetch about $300,000 and now 2022, the young man is sure of making about $500,000.

To help him actualize his vision for this year, he has set out strategies that will get his business to the zenith.

Speaking with CNBC Make It, Marcus said that “People love vending machines because they’re convenient,”, But,  “Not many people know that anyone can own them. There are low startup costs and potential for high return.”

Speaking on how he can use his business success in helping others, Marcus said;

“I want to change other people’s lives by talking about the business, doing speaking events, seminars, webinars, whatever I can do to help everyone learn about a business that not a lot of people know about,”

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