Top 30 Offline Businesses You Can Start with 100K in Nigeria


Businesses You Can Start with 100K in Nigeria – Although Nigeria’s current economic and monetary situation is deteriorating, it is not exactly impossible to start some businesses with as little as N100,000.Offline Businesses You Can Start with 100K

The next question would undoubtedly be in which business idea or venture can I start with the N100,000? This is where most people have trouble, especially those who are not internet savvy, or prefer offline businesses to online ones.

Are you looking for an offline business you can start with 100k? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will find a compiled list of the top 30 offline businesses in Nigeria that you can start with at least 100,000 naira. As long as proper work ethics are followed, these businesses are profitable and can earn you a good income.


Top 30 Offline Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100,000

Below is our list of the top 30 offline businesses in Nigeria you can start with as little as N100,000.

1.    Phone & Accessories Charging Business

It is no secret that most of Nigeria’s electricity supply is unstable, erratic, and at best subpar. In this digital age, everyone needs to stay connected, particularly through their mobile phones.

Because the power supply is poor and the cost of petrol and gasoline is high, Nigerians in desperate need of power use payphone charging vendors to charge their phones, usually at a fixed rate. The basic things you need to start a phone charging business are an electric generator, electric socket board with multiple electric sockets to charge phones, connecting wires, and switchboard, etc.

2.    Phone Accessories Business

Selling phone accessories such as phone casings, earpieces, screen guards, and other such phone accessories is profitable business because there is always a market for phone accessories. You can start a phone accessories business with as little as 100k, and make quite an income after a few months.

3.    Food Vendor Business

In most urban communities, students, workers, and residents usually purchase meals sold by others for several reasons ranging from the need to satisfy a craving for a particular meal or dish, or maybe the person in question is too busy to prepare their own meals.

Hygiene and good culinary skills are also important requirements to successfully run this business.

4.    Fruit Juice Sales and Production

The demand for fruit juice has gone up lately. Especially fruit juice that is totally organic and well-prepared. Due to the high demand, organic fruit juice has become quite expensive, making it a good business to venture into. The demand for fruit juice is usually higher in urban areas where fruits are not readily available.

5.    Soap Production

Another lucrative offline business you can venture into is soap production. Since the demand for soaps especially organic soaps has risen greatly, it has become a good business option for most people. You can start up this business with less than 100k.

6.    Food Stuff Retailing

Retailing foodstuffs like rice, beans, garri, etc., is another business you can start up using N100,000. You can purchase major commodities like rice, garri, beans, oil, etc., using the 100 and start retailing to gain income. Look for a good supplier that can supply you the food stuffs at a cheaper rate to gain more income on sales.

7.    Palm Oil Retailing

The price of palm oil usually fluctuates seasonally, hence you could purchase it in gallons of 50 liters and retail in lower quantities to get profit.

8.    Barbeque Business

This is a lucrative business to start if you are located in an urban region. As you know, the nightlife in most urban areas is usually active, and barbequed meat such as chicken, beef, pork, and goat meat is in high demand. It is a profitable business to venture into.

9.    Dog Breeding

In Nigeria, dogs are bred for meat, as pets, or for security. It is more cost-effective to begin with three female puppies, which cost about 20,000 naira. They would be ready to mate in less than a year if properly fed and cared for.

10. Pig Farming

Pork meat is in high demand in Nigeria, particularly in the southern part of the country. A sow can have up to 8 piglets at once and is extremely fertile. A young female piglet will set you back about 50,000 naira. Get one now and start raring, you will gain quite a high level of income if done properly.

11. Goat Farming

Goats farming is another offline business you can start with 100k. Goat usually grow very fast and the demand for goat meat in Nigeria is very high. It is profitable especially if you chose a species with good meat-producing qualities and quick maturity.

12. Rabbit Farming

Rabbits are livestock that reproduce quickly and in litters. They are quite easy to rare, and very profitable when sold. Rabbit meat is in high demand in most urban and even rural areas.

13. Computer Business Centre

To start a computer business centre, you need a computer system, a small generator, and a printer/scanner.

14. Retail of Computer Accessories

Selling computer accessories such as flash drive, memory cards, USB cables, mice, etc., can be very profitable and economical to start.

15. Photography

To begin with photography, you require a quality camera, and a photo printer. Both equipment should be below N100,000.

16. Laundry Business

The laundry business is very popular in urban regions. It’s a good and profitable business venture. And it will not cost you above 100k to set up

17. Video Gaming Shop

You can open a video gaming shop for lovers of games. Opening a video game shop shouldn’t cost you up to N100k

18. Hairdressing and Hair Styling Business

With N100k, you can purchase weaves and basic tools to get you started with hairdressing. Once you’re good enough, customers will naturally find their way to your shop.

19. Barbing Salon

You can open a barbing salon with just N100k and start making profit daily from your barbing services.

20. Fashion Accessories

You can start making various fashion accessories like beads or earrings. Starting this type of business is easy, but consistency is key.

Other Business Ideas:

  1. Video renting shops.
  2. Maternity, baby, nursing mother wears.
  3. Recharge card retail.
  4. Data subscription retail.
  5. Pastry-making business.
  6. Painting business.
  7. Event planning and management.
  8. Animal feed retail.
  9. Broiler farming.
  10. Snail farming.

There you have it! The top 30 offline businesses you can start with as little as N100k. Select your preferred business idea today.