This incredible milestone was achieved in 2019 at the University of Pretoria and Steve Biko Academic Hospital when the South African-based doctor and his team of medics used innovative 3D technology to print the bones that make up the middle ear (hammer, anvil, stirrup and the ossicles) and successfully implanted the model into a trauma patient.

“By replacing only the ossicles that aren’t functioning properly, the procedure carries significantly less risk than known prostheses and their associated surgical procedures. We will use titanium for this procedure, which is biocompatible.We use an endoscope to do the replacement, so the transplant is expected to be quick, with minimal scarring,” Tshifularo said, according to Good Things Guy

His medical accomplishments have been extensively recognised both in his own nation and around the world. At the 2019 Health Excellence Awards in November 2019, he received the Global Excellence Award for Excellence in Medical Research.

Dr. Mashudu Tshifularo’s scientific study employing 3D technology to heal deafness has resulted in other medical discoveries and studies that will assist individuals in overcoming different types of medical problems.