Like every other noble profession, banking is a career people grind themselves hard to attain its pinnacle, but for the Dozies it’s so seamless.

Paschal Dozie shocked the Nigerian banking industry when Access Bank acquired Diamond Bank under his leadership. To some, it looks like the end of an era for Paschal, but it was shocking how his children, Uzoma, Chijioke and Ngozi, took over the banking scene with revolutionary banking innovations.

Uzoma started a digital Microfinance Bank, Sparkle, after leaving Diamond Bank as CEO. The others took it upon themselves to invest in banking like Uzoma.

Perhaps they were motivated by a desire to gain experience in Nigeria’s extremely competitive banking industry.

The three siblings are still deeply involved in banking, each making significant gains in their particular space.

Chijioke and Ngozi Dozie founded Carbon Finance which is now in its tenth year and promises to revolutionise the banking industry.

Carbon Finance, according to sources, began as a financing organization with over a million subscribers in Nigeria and now operates in two African countries. It started as One Credit, a consumer lender, in 2012. Through its Paylater app, the company transitioned to become a digital lender in 2016.

Photo: Ventureburn

Carbon Finance’s co-founder and CEO, Chijioke Dozie, stated that the company aims to focus on its customers’ needs while also adapting to market expectations. Ngozi Dozie, another co-founder, noted that the company’s newly introduced offering allows clients to shop whenever they want at zero percent interest rates. The bank processed about $240 million in payments in 2019.

Photo: Twitter/@Uzoma_Sparkle

Uzoma Dozie, on the other hand, launched Sparkle MFB, a fintech startup. Uzoma’s latest invention raised $3.1 million in October 2021 to expand operations.

Uzoma stated that the bank aims to provide Nigerians with financial, lifestyle, and business support services.

The bank began operations. Sparkle Business in April last year to acquire several sets of underserved users from small and medium businesses.