6 Worst Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Next Car


To be a wise consumer, you should know the following don’ts when looking for your new automobile. A huge challenge as well as an exciting experience is purchasing an automobile. Finding a car that is both economical and meets all of your demands is never easy. It is essential to read as many reviews and helpful buying suggestions as you can before choosing one. You must be somewhat knowledgeable about what we should do when purchasing a car. But what about the things we shouldn’t do? You may learn about the nine most common blunders car purchasers typically make by reading our post.

Show hopelessness to the seller

A golden rule while buying anything is to never show your desperation to the seller. By expressing too clearly how passionately you want the car, you will weaken your negotiation position. Be judicious. Don’t let yourself be fooled by old sales tricks such as: “Some have ordered the car for a higher price and this evening they will come to get it.” Always stay calm, no matter how excited you are to own that car because otherwise, you will let the sellers push you to pay more than what it actually costs.

Choose the least expensive option

Complete Guide In Buying Your NEXT Car, Avoid these mistakes
Complete Guide In Buying Your NEXT Car, Avoid these mistakes

Everyone is aware that the cheapest option does not always represent the best one. In actuality, a lot of people have fallen for scams before purchasing subpar or illegal vehicles. And it is regrettable that the majority of auto salespeople in Nigeria are not polite enough to yell at you and inform you that the cars they are selling are stolen or substandard. They just concern themselves with how to get the most money for their

Purchase quickly

Before handing over their hard-earned cash to dealers, buyers of new cars must carefully weigh a variety of criteria. If you buy a car in a hurry, you can have problems and disillusionment with your automobile quickly. Your new vehicle will be yours. Your new automobile will become a personal friend, a part of your family, and maybe even a second home. Therefore, take your time. Spend some time doing your research, comparing brands, conditions, prices, and quality to discover the perfect fit.

Always interested in buying the newest model

Since the 2008 Toyota Corolla is the most recent version of that design, I could be interested in one. But because they essentially look the same, I would still choose 2003. When purchased from the United States or Canada, most 2008 models cost more, and customs at the Port of Lagos are unquestionably more expensive. Therefore, if you need to save money, it is preferable to purchase the 2003 Corolla rather than attempt to get a 2008 model that has been restored. It’s possible that the differences between the two automobiles don’t correspond to the price differences; this is also true of many other brands and models.

Without performing a sufficient inspection before purchasing 

Many individuals don’t realize how important it is to carefully check a vehicle before buying it. You should examine all of the vehicle’s records, including the vehicle identifying number (VIN), database, and diagnostic scan. This is a crucial step since it guarantees the car’s legality and saves you from a lot of future hassles that are unnecessary.

Purchase your next car with all your money

Seven car damaging habits you should avoid while driving
Seven car damaging habits you should avoid while driving

You may have heard of several instances where people completely lose everything after purchasing a car. They neglect to account for the fact that the vehicle will require more funds for care, upkeep, and gasoline after the purchase. Of course, this spending was not anticipated and so does not fit within their original budget. As a result, some people are forced to stop driving their freshly purchased automobiles because they cannot afford the cost of petrol, and others even experience increasing debt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used cars good to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, the majority of them are. Prior to purchasing, it is crucial that they are in good general shape and suit your lifestyle. It is suggested that the vehicle undergo a mechanical inspection. Used automobiles are an affordable and reliable option for individuals who wish to stay within their budget.

How much can I buy a Tokunbo car in Nigeria?

This is heavily influenced by the model or brand that you want to purchase. Most modern models cost more than older ones, and if you want to purchase a used luxury car, it can cost more than the typical model brand. It is more costly than the average model brand. It is important to note that cars are more expensive if they are from a high-end brand such as an Audi or Lexus. But for an average model brand, you can get a good second-hand car for three million naira.

Where can I buy a second-hand car in Nigeria?

You can get both your brand new and second-hand cars at Carmart.ng. We sell according to your needs and lifestyle. You can scroll through our website to see the list of available cars or reach us via our other platforms.

How to Avoid Buying a stolen car in Nigeria
How to Avoid Buying a stolen car in Nigeria


For many people, the notion of purchasing a car is overwhelming – more so than it has to be. If folks planned ahead for the procedure rather than just showing up at the dealership and winging it, it would be much less of an issue. We’ve collected a list of typical errors individuals make during automobile purchasing. If you pay attention to avoid them, the process of looking for a car will be less demanding, less painful, and more rewarding.