Gates Cambridge Scholarship is open for fully-funded scholarships for PhD, MLitt applicants


This year’s Gates Cambridge Scholars cohort demonstrates that there are numerous ways to change things and have an impact in the world.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programme was established in October 2000 by a donation of US$210m from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge. This happens to be the  largest ever single donation to a UK university, with the first set of scholars coming into residence in October 2001.

Each year, the Gates Cambridge offers fully-funded scholarships to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. Approximately two-thirds of these awards will be offered to Ph.D. students, with approximately 25 awards available in the US round and 55 available in the International round.

Being part of a rich network of students and alumni is one of the benefits of being a Gates Cambridge Scholar, which is enhanced by the strong sense of identity that scholars have forged on through the Gates Cambridge Scholars Council and the Gates Cambridge Alumni Association.

Who can apply?

If you are a citizen of any nation outside of the United Kingdom and intend to enroll in one of the following programs at the University of Cambridge, you are eligible to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship for:

  • Ph.D., either full- or part-time
  • MLitt (full-time)
  • One year of full-time postgraduate study, with the following exceptions:
  • Business Doctorate (BusD)
  • Master of Business (MBA)
  • Master of Finance (MFin)
  • MASt courses
  • PGCE
  • MBBChir Clinical Studies
  • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time, Home students only)
  • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)
  • Part-time degrees other than the PhD
  • Any Undergraduate degree, such as BA (undergraduate) or BA affiliated (a second BA)
  • Non-degree courses

Gates Cambridge is also launching a program that enables candidates to apply for funding for a part-time Ph.D. degree for enrollment in October 2023.

Currently, enrolled in Cambridge?

You can apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship if you are a current Cambridge student who wants to enroll in a new postgraduate program. For instance, you can apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. if you are currently pursuing an MPhil.

Current Gates Cambridge Scholars who are pursuing a new degree may also apply for a second fellowship. In the second, worldwide round, all current Cambridge students will be taken into consideration. However, if you have already started a degree (e.g. you are now part-way through a Ph.D.) you cannot apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to support the remainder of it.

General funding at Cambridge

Even if you are not eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship you may be eligible for other funding offered by the University of Cambridge. See for more details.

Applications for the academic year 2023-24 entry will open on 15 September 2022.

Gates Cambridge manages two selection rounds each year; but if you are unsure in which round you should apply please email

All other eligible applicants

The vast majority of applicants will apply during this round, which corresponds to the University’s postgraduate funding competition. There are two possible application deadlines, depending on the course to which you are applying. Please submit your application by the Graduate Funding Competition deadline in the University Course Directory.

What stage? Date
Applications open Thursday 15 September 2022
Application deadline Dependent on your course – either 1 December 2022 or 5 January 2023 (see Course Directory)
Departmental ranking December – February
All applicants notified of application outcome by Friday 3 March 2022
Review and selection by panels March 2023
Scholarships offered Late March
Scholarships accepted 72 hours after offer

Please refer to the postgraduate admissions web pages for up-to-date details.